How BCI Can Change Gaming Forever?

BCI stands for Brain-computer interface is still in development that means there is still much more research that is going to happen.

And if you happen to be active in BCI development then you already know that Nuralink, a new Elon Musk company, recently demonstrated a monkey playing a pong game with its brain using a Nuralinks brain chip implant.

So we’ve seen the power and potential of BCI, but many people are still unaware of what BCI can do for gaming, so in this article, we’ll look at How BCI Can Change Gaming Forever.

Before getting to this article further we need to explain some of the terms for better understanding.


EEG = Electroencephalogram (EEG is a test that recognizes electrical activity in your brain using small electrodes attached to your scalp usually this type of BCI called Non-invasive means you don’t have to implant anything to utilize the functionality of BCI.)

How BCI Can Change Gaming Forever?

How BCI Works

How BCI Can Change Gaming Forever

BCI works by collecting brain signals then decoding those brain signals to actionable computer commands.

There are two ways BCI collects brain signals from the brain, invasive and non-invasive, and if you want to know more about invasive and non-invasive BCI then check out our post from our science site where we talk about futuristic and sci-fi tech.

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How BCI Can Affect Gaming?

BCI is currently used for people who have paralysis, neurological diseases, and people with missing limbs.

So that means BCI tech still has to go through a long development before becoming a normal day-to-day technology but worry not because the development of BCI tech has been progressing at a very fast rate and we might at some great breakthroughs in a couple of next years.

Early BCI EEG is going to replace our traditional controller for games and this is especially going to be good for VR gaming because this gonna give VR much more immersive gaming expense.

Currently Available BCI Devices and Games

Despite most BCI being in development, but some companies released non-invasive EEGs

As you can aspects there are not many Available BCI Devices and Games on market.

(BCIs) based on electroencephalography (EEG) in video games has been widely investigated.

And one of the main problems EEG presents for gaming is accuracy and because of the accuracy and data transfer limitation of EEG, Most Currently Available BCI Devices are not much good for gaming.

But as you know this technology is still under research and development so we need to be prepared for upcoming BCIs.

Future and Potential of BCI

How BCI Can Change Gaming Forever

If you’ve ever seen the anime SWORD ART ONLINE, you already know where this is going. It hasn’t been confirmed, but BCI could be the first step toward fully immersive gaming like SAO. But, for the time being, we must wait and see what happens to this technology in the next ten years.

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