How To Clean Your Computer Like New (Dust Cleaning Guide)

Over time any pc can get dirty, and it can also cause many problems in your computer like overheating, not starting, and many component-related problems.

In this article, we’re mainly focusing on some of the easiest and the best methods you can apply for quick results.

And we are only focusing on cleaning pc insides like ram, motherboard, or even GPU. Let’s check how to clean your computer like new.

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How To Clean Your Computer Like New

What You Need

  • Cleaning cloths
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Compressed air can/ Air Pump Cleaner
  • Few Minutes
  • Soft Paint Brush(Optional)

First Steps to Clean Your Computer

Step 1. Turn off your computer and unplug it from the electrical socket.

how to clean your computer like new
Open your pc – livewire

Step 2. Open up your PC’s case.

At this point, if you have Compressed air can then use the canned air to blow out any corner, vents, or ports on your pc.

And be prepared for a large amount of dust. And if you don’t have canned air then you might use a soft paintbrush to clean all the dust from your motherboard, ram, and other parts.

Step 3. Unplug all the cables in your pc like Sata, Power, or any port connected to your pc.

how to clean your computer like new
Cleaning cloth and apply the alcohol – World of Chemicals

Step 4. Use cotton or a Cleaning cloth and apply the alcohol, and rub all the ports and wires with it.

If Your PC is Not Working

In any case, if your computer is not working, and most probably you are not using your computer for a long time, it might not start at first, but with these tips, it might work again.

Remove all components from inside of your PC, including GPU, ram, and other parts.
clean with air blower – Mother Board Geeks

Step1. Clean all the parts one by one, with a brush or air blower.

Step2. Clean every pin of every part with cloth/cotton rubbed in alcohol.

how to clean your computer like new

Step3. Clean the pin of your Ram with an eraser. (Recommended Article for cleaning ram

Note. Never touch RAM contacts with your fingers or any other card’s contacts for that matter.

Step4. Connect all the parts and try to start your pc again.

Now wipe the whole computer inside and out with a dry clean cloth.

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