How To Clear Fivem Cache [Easy Way]

In this post, you will understand how to delete the FiveM cache, which will allow your game to operate more smoothly. To resolve the cache problem, you must take a few actions.

You may quickly clear the FiveM cache. During the game, the cache might create plenty of issues. It’s possible that you won’t be able to connect to the server, and your game will slow as a result. It may also cause the frames to be dropped. As a result, you must clear your FiveM cache.

In this post, I’ve written a straightforward and easy-to-follow instruction on How To Clear Fivem Cache.

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How To Clear Fivem Cache

To do so, right-click the FiveM software and select “Open file location” from the context menu.

How To Clear Fivem Cache

You must now click to the FiveM Application Data.

how to clear fivem cache

There should be a data folder there; click on it.

how to clear fivem cache

There are three folders in this folder: cache, server-cache, and server-cache-priv.

how to clear fivem cache

Now all you have to do is delete them, and you’re done.

It’s possible that when you try to connect to the server after removing the cache, it takes a long time. So, if you removed the package, you must reinstall it. Just make sure the endgame map appears in your game after removing the cache. You must wait till it is entirely loaded.

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