How to Fix: 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10

Your computer is now so slow it’s almost impossible to use, and you’re probably wondering what you did wrong.

Windows 10 users who experience issues such as slow response time may look into their Task Manager for guidance.

You discover that your system drive is running at 100%. Surely this can’t be, right? Sadly, it is. The latest versions of Windows have a problem with the drives being overworked, which slows down the operating system.

Reset Virtual Memory

Virtual memory treats your disk as if it is RAM and uses it to swap out temporary files when it runs out of actual RAM.

If there isn’t enough RAM to perform a task, the HDD is used to supplement the RAM. Data moved to the HDD is then returned to RAM when required.

Open the System screen with Windows+Break/Pause, then Advanced System Settings on the left. In the resulting box, select the Advanced tab, then under Performance click Settings.

Here you’ll find another Advanced tab, which has a section labeled Virtual memory. Click Change and clear the checkbox for Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.

Reset Windows 10 virtual memory

Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

If you’ve installed antivirus or anti-malware programs such as Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, Avast Behavior Shield or Malwarebytes, you may want to consider changing antivirus packages.

Even Windows Defender can cause problems by increasing I/O and network usage which might lead to high disk usage.

you should temporarily turn them off or disable them to see if they’re causing your disk usage problem.

Windows Update Can Cause High Disk Usage

It appears the Windows Performance Recorder is the root cause which started malfunctioning in the latest update.

This particular feature logs system events to the operating system’s drive which you can assess to perform diagnostics.

This usually only happens when Windows Update has a problem ( which is typically due to a file refusing to download ). You have two options here:

  1. Leave your computer alone—shut all your open applications and wait. Eventually, the files will download, but depending on how Windows Update is scheduled on your computer, it may require a reboot.
  2. Shutdown your computer—once you’ve done that, restart and wait for Windows Update to resolve the problem.

Disable Drives Scheduled Optimization

Though drives defragment and optimization is helpful to improve disk performance, it is not necessary to optimize the drives in schedule. You can disable the drives scheduled optimization to solve the 100% disk usage in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update/Creators Update/Anniversary Update.

Step 1. Right click on the C drive.

Step 2. Select the Properties.

Step 3. Choose the Tools tab.

Step 4. Click the Optimize button.

Step 5. Click on the Change settings button.

Step 6. Uncheck the Run on a schedule.

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