How To Improve Aim On PC By 500%

Aiming with the mouse is key in virtually every PC shooting game, twice as much if you’re playing online. It’s an easy, intuitive method, but that doesn’t mean there’s no space for growth.

Improving your aim in shooters is not an easy task and takes hours of practice, particularly if you’re looking to dominate competitive matches like Overwatch, Counter-Strike, or Apex Legends.

In this article, we’ll share step-by-step instructions about how to improve aim on pc. This involves finding places where you can improve, ensuring that you have the right resources, and creating healthy targeting patterns.

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How To Improve Aim On PC

Choose Right DPI

Improving your aim begins with choosing the right dpi, choosing the right dpi sounds complicated, but if you understand what kind of game you’re playing, it’s easy to choose your dpi.

To make this simple, if you play competitive games, then low dpi is better for you like 400DPI or 800DPI, and if you play fast-paced games then lowering will your dpi a little would be fine for you.

For Compatative games = 400,800DPI

For Fast-paced Games = 800, 1200DPI

Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

how to improve aim on pc
Basic Tutorials

Choosing the right mouse is probably the most important thing in the process of Improving Aim On PC.

I have written many mouse-related articles if you are interested in any of these then check these out.

The most significant of them is ergonomics. Gaming mice aren’t just built to be comfortable—nearly any mouse made in the last 15 years can make such a claim. They are designed to be balanced with more serious, longer sessions of use, and with the type of handgrip that people use when playing. These grips are incredibly varied, and you may have adapted the traditional “gamer” grip on your mouse without even noticing it.


We’ve always learned that practicing makes it perfect, so how do we practice aim training correctly?

The more time you spend playing a particular game, the better you get in your virtualized world. Yet you can make it much easier by being informed of what you’re doing.

Aim Traner is another thing that can help you to Improve your Aim, I have written few articles about the best aim trainer for pc gamers.

Some Tips to Improve Aim On PC

  1. Don’t change your dpi and game sensitivity too frequently.
  2. Give your mouse a large space to move.
  3. Read some reviews before buying or downloading any aim trainer.
  4. Disable Mouse acceleration in windows and games.
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