How To Record, Edit, And Share Your Gameplay Videos: 9 Top Tips

Today anyone can make money by being a full-time gamer and uploading gameplay videos online. However, the gaming industry is highly competitive and requires one’s undivided dedication to remaining a successful gamer for a long time. They need the right skills and technology to make exceptional gameplay videos for attracting a larger group of audience.

Read on to know how to record, edit, and share gameplay videos online using the right games video editor. The blog post has nine essential tips that will help anyone to create fascinating gameplay videos. These area-specific tips will help you make the most polished gameplay videos and increase audience engagement of your videos.


For better understanding, let’s divide the blog into three essential sections:
 1. How to Record Gameplay Videos 2. How to Edit Gameplay Videos 3. How to Share Gameplay Videos


For recording good gameplay videos, one needs to consider the following tips:

Tip 1: Pick up one game.

When one embarks on their gaming journey, they should stick to one game rather than pursuing different games at the same time. Sticking to one game at a time will look more authentic and organized. Choosing trendy games such as Minecraftor Call of Duty will help gamers to engage with a large audience within a short span.

Tip 2: Have the right gaming accessories.

Having the right accessories will make the recording procedure smooth and interesting for the gamer. Some accessories may be a tad bit expensive but if one plans to take their passion for gaming to the next level, they shouldn’t hesitate to invest.

For recording a gameplay video, one needs a simple set of accessories such as the following:

  • Video capture device
  • Microphone, preferably with mic boom
  • Audio accessories
  • Compatible PC with a minimum of 4 to 8 GB of RAM for excellent video process. Moreover, the hard drive space should support 4k video quality.
  • A good internet connection

Tip 3: Plan the content before starting.

Planning the content before starting the recording will be helpful in many ways. It allows the gamer to understand the structure that they need to incorporate while recording, and the kind of audiences they are targeting, and it makes video synchronization easy.

Planning the course of action will allow the gamer to focus on the areas that they want to include in the gameplay. It heavily contributes to the exponential growth of the channel.


Editing is the most crucial part of making a good gameplay video. One needs to learn about the games video editor they are using through tutorials and implement the tips and tricks to make appealing gameplay videos for their audience.

Tip 4: Have the right game video editor.

The right game video editor will be the one that has all the desired features. For creating an engaging gameplay video, one needs to have good editing software, for editing the recording and the audio. This will make the final video stimulating for the viewers.

Tip 5: Include an introduction to the gameplay in the video.

It is always advised to include an introduction to the gameplay. The gamer can introduce themselves and how long they have been playing the game, and so on. They can edit the intro of the gameplay using a gaming intro maker that is picked based on the budget of the gamer and its usability.

Tip 6: Thoroughly edit the video.

While editing the video, make sure to add catchy elements. Moreover, there should be a sound balance between the color coordination and the background music. Try to use trendy background music that aligns with the energy of the game.

Give much importance to the transition effects used while editing. In the end, all these tips will ensure that the gameplay video readily grabs the attention of the audience and keep them hooked.


Sharing the gameplay videos with others on platforms like YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine after Google, or going on Twitch TV can be beneficial in several ways:

  • Sharing gameplays online will generate audience engagement. It will lead to gaining appreciation, feedback, and constructive criticism, which will help the gamer to get better every passing day. It contributes to building a community and a fanbase.
  • By sharing the gameplay, you will have a great source of earnings as you gain more viewership online. Make sure that the videos are well-edited with the games video editor.
  • Lastly, one can also get sponsorship offers from game companies if they manage to make a good impression with the help of their fabulous gameplay videos. They must include a quirky and attractive introduction to the video and effectively edit the same with the help of a gaming intro maker.

So, one can understand why gaming has become a popular career choice for many. Here are some tips that one can consider before sharing their gameplay videos online:

Tip 7: Add a strong CTA at the end of the video to increase viewer engagement. To attract the audience, add a catchy thumbnail to the video.

Tip 8: Post the videos on multiple platforms. Make short Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts to promote the videos.

Tip 9: Share the video extensively on every platform. Moreover, be as regular as you can be to share the gameplays. This will help in exponentially expanding the fanbase.


If one is considering YouTube to be their main platform, they should avert any kind of copyright issues to effectively monetize the gameplay videos. Moreover, make sure to go through all the terms and conditions of YouTube and other platforms of choice to be attuned to these.Overall, making engaging gameplay videos may feel overwhelming in the beginning but with time, it becomes a piece of cake. One needs the right game video editor and a creative mind.

Sujeet Kumar
Gamer, Enjoy Anime and Admin.

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