Intel i5 4570 with GTX 970 Gaming Benchmarks

The GTX 970 appears to be a more powerful mid-range card, capable of running AAA games at 1080p at 60 fps. In terms of maximum load temperature. This combination of GTX 970 and Intel Core i5-4570 At 3.20GHz has a less than 9% bottleneck in so many videogames and is an excellent match for avoiding FPS loss. This combo of GTX 970 and Intel Core i5-4570 is ideal for avoiding FPS loss. The GTX 970 can have relatively few memory-related bottlenecks in more modern games because of its current 4GB VRAM.

In this post, we have listed i5 4570 with GTX 970 gaming benchmarks, as well as average frame rates for the most popular games, to give you a general idea of what this combo is capable of.

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Intel i5 4570 with GTX 970 gaming benchmarks
CUDA Cores1664
Base Clock (MHz)1050
Boost Clock (MHz)1178
Memory Clock7.0 Gbps
Standard Memory Config4 GB
Memory InterfaceGDDR5
Memory Interface Width256-bit
Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)98 C
Recommended System Power (W)*500 W
Supplementary Power Connectors2x 6-pins

i5-4570 Processor SPECS

Intel i5 4570 with GTX 970 gaming benchmarks
Base Frequency3.20 GHz
Turbo Frequency3.60 GHz
Lithography22 nm

Average bottleneck percentage

On 1080p resolution, an Intel Core i5-4570 (Clock speed at 100%) with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (Clock speed at 100%) x1 will cause 10 percent of the CPU bottleneck. Anything above 10% is considered a bottleneck.

Intel Core i5-4570 is insufficient for this graphics card at 1080p resolution.

i5 4570 With GTX 970 Gaming Benchmarks

The GTX 970 falls between the RX 470 and the GTX 780 Ti, falling 2.7 percent slower than the RX 470 and 20.6 percent quicker than the GTX 780 Ti. It has below-average relative performance when compared to the other GPU in our comparison. The GTX 970 performance in this title hovers around 50-60 frames per second. Its results are virtually identical to those of the RX 470. Furthermore, the GTX 970 outperformed the GTX 770 by a wide amount. The GTX 970 was significantly slower than its more powerful sibling, the GTX 980, by more than 24%.

i5 4570 with GTX 970 gaming benchmarks
GamesAverage FPS
Valorant 206
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla70
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War99
Marvel’s Avengers87
Cyberpunk 207770
Apex Legends126
Rainbow Six Siege211
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive272
Fortnite Battle Royale128
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds101
Forza Horizon 4127
Call of Duty Modern Warfare140
Grand Theft Auto V116
Rocket League358
Battlefield V 123
The Witcher 3108
Crysis 3124
F1 2019120

We were able to play Battlefield V, Apex Legends, and Forza Horizon 4 at 120 fps to 128 fps and kept frame rates hanging around 125 fps at Low to Medium Quality settings 1080p Full HD. We were able to play Valorant at 206 fps to 96 fps at 1440p Quad HD and kept frame rates hovering around 96 fps.

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