Iron Saga Tier List (Best to Worst)

Iron Saga contains a large number of characters from various Anime series, including Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note, making it more difficult for players to determine who the strongest characters in the game are.

It can be difficult to determine which mechs will be useful in later stages of the game, especially in competitive PvP battles.

In this article, we have listed a conclusive Iron Saga tier list that ranks the game’s mechs from best to worst in terms of PvP potential.

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Iron Saga Tier List


iron saga tier list

S-tier mechs are the best mechs that everyone should use.

MephistoAttacker Diver
AsuraAttacker Diver
Huang LongRanged Attacker Debuff
ZulongRanged Attacker Debuff
Doy Jiang GaiTank


iron saga tier list

The A-tier mechs are not the best; in fact, they are slightly below the S-tier. They are excellent on their own and can occasionally outperform S-tiers with the proper setup.

GalahadRanged Attacker
BelialAttacker Tank
PaimonAttacker Tank
Reno mk2Attacker Diver
Bat SamuraiAttacker
DangaiohTank Debuff
TsukiyomiRanged Attacker Debuff
ThorAttacker Debuff
JormungandRanged Attacker
GoraigaAttacker Diver
Breaking DawnRanged Attacker
Sin 3Attacker Diver

B Tier

iron saga tier list

In PvP matches, B-tier mechs are solid choices because they are neither the best nor the worst mech.

Infinity CosmosRanged Attacker
KaguyaAttacker Diver
Xuang WuAttacker Debuff
Nero SRanged Attacker Debuff
Doy Jiang GaiTank
AlbatrossTank Diver
Deer StalkerRanged Attacker Debuff
TaotiegaiRanged Attacker Debuff


iron saga tier list

The C-tier mechs are very Neche, and you must be very good to use these.

Mech Job
Tyrant IIRanged Attacker Debuff
Heavy KongouRanged Attacker Debuff
Tyrant III SRanged Attacker
Tao WuAttacker
BrynhildAttacker Diver
LongdanRanged Attacker
Demon BladeAttacker Diver
Valk SCTank
AstarothAttacker Tank
GawainRanged Attacker Debuff
Lancelot GLRanged Attacker
ZhuqueAttacker Diver


iron saga tier list

D-Tier mechs have very specific niche uses, you won’t see them in PvP very often. Some of them succeed at PvE content.

Qi Qing LongAttacker Debuff
BloodwolfRanged Attacker
Master HeiAttacker
Artemis QDebuff
Baal KSRanged Attacker
Riot PoliceTank Debuff
Agaress RSTank


iron saga tier list

These are the worst PvP mechs in the game. You should be informed that if you’re using them, you will have a tough time.

KamuiRanged Attacker
Tyrant IAttacker
FlamewindRanged Attacker
Taylor StarDebuff
BlackjackRanged Attacker
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