Kayak VR: Mirage Review: The Most Amazing VR Game

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Kayak VR: Mirage is a beautiful, exhilarating journey through some amazing locations that have been made specifically for Virtual Reality. The cutting-edge graphics are stunning and really push the limits of what VR is capable of. The fully physics-based kayaking provides an authentic experience that makes you feel like you’re actually on the water.

Concept and Gameplay

Kayak VR
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The game begins with the player getting into their kayak inside a shallow pool. This is an excellent practise field before the player starts on a voyage to the various sites. The interface is divided into sections, although the zones take up the majority of the UI. This quickly encourages the gamer to choose a place and start having fun.

The game is certainly beautiful and appears to be sheer eye candy. The rowing physics are also excellent. However, there is one area where Downstream vr is superior: the river currents make it a more difficult experience. There are no currents here at all and the sea can become rough during a storm, but that’s about it.

The water in the game is not that deep. Some players would like to be able to hear their own music while playing. Many players also wish the game had actual multiplayer capabilities. Additionally, many people would like to see their avatar’s hands and body, as well as be able to use the paddle in the game.

First, the game only supports certain types of devices, so not everyone will be able to enjoy it. Second, the Comfort settings may not be enough for people who get seasick easily.

The gameplay elements were executed well, from the graphics to the sound. VR games are a different breed of games, so a demo would be beneficial so people can see if they would get sick from playing it.

Kayak VR


  • The sound and music are excellent; each level has its own music that fits the sense of the location well. Wave and paddle noises are also enjoyable.
  • The level design and graphic style are also excellent, with the rock formations being wonderfully lifelike. They are distinct and do not appear to be repeated. From a distance, the textures appear photorealistic. Only when you come up close do they appear slushy resolution.
  • Sea is incredibly crucial in this game because you spend all of your time on the surface of the water… Fortunately, the developers clearly recognised this and must have expended significant effort in the water simulation. It looks and behaves exactly like real water! The water mechanics, caustics, waves, transparency, and general art style and aesthetic are all really convincing… definitely the greatest I’ve ever seen. Almost photographic… All of this in virtual reality! What higher compliment could there be?


  • So far, habitats have been limited. There are four environments, but you will rapidly become familiar with all of them. I’m hoping for more range in the future. It’s acceptable for a launch state, especially at this price, but it would be fantastic to have some extra levels added at some stage.
  • Performance is good enough. But you need to have a great pc with high enough spec to run this game at its best.


However, there are a few negative points worth mentioning. Firstly, the game can be quite challenging at times, particularly when trying to navigate around tight corners. This may not be ideal for those who are looking for a relaxing VR experience but still this is one of the most relaxing game in vr. Secondly, the graphics aren’t always consistent throughout, with most areas looking significantly better than others and few minor one don’t look as good as others. Despite these minor issues though, Kayak VR: Mirage is still one of the most enjoyable and impressive virtual reality game that’s definitely worth checking out.

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