Killer Instinct Tier List (Best to Worst)


Killer Instinct continues to be one of the most fleshed-out games in the fighting genre, and it is still regarded as one of the best of its kind.

Killer Instinct distinguishes itself from other fighting games by utilising simplified auto combo moves and combo breakers that rely on good reads and quick reactions on both sides of the screen.

This is the most comprehensive Killer Instinct tier list, which we keep up to date to make sure precision and reliability. Characters are ranked for this list based on individual efficiency in all game modes.

In this article, I have listed Killer Instinct Tier List that will help you understand Killer Instinct’s character dynamic and which character to play to get the most wins.

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Killer Instinct Tier List


Killer Instinct Tier List
AriaWhen she has metre and is in instinct, Aria has great range, powerful pressure, and incredible damage. This character has the most difficult to break linkers in the game.
Aria’s body-switching ability makes it difficult for enemies to predict Aria’s style of play because each body has different abilities.
FulgoreWhile Ultratech has created several different Fulgore designs, they all have similar weaponry and fighting styles. Fulgore employs a variety of energy-based weaponry in addition to advanced hand-to-hand and close combat techniques, impressive athleticism, and attacks with arm-mounted blades.
These include the ability to fire concentrated lasers from its eyes, emit energy bursts from its superheated plasma blades, a reflective barrier, localised teleportation, and some form of cloaking device.
RashRash is widely regarded as the best character in Killer Instinct. He has it all, from great overheads, lows, staggers, and difficult-to-break combos to a staggering damage output even without a metre.
OmenOmen is the most mobile character in the game. It has the best fly mobility and performs excellently on the ground. Omen’s high mobility allows him to control an opponent from anywhere on the screen, thanks to metre lockouts and left and right mix-ups.


Killer Instinct Tier List
HisakoDon’t be fooled by Hisako’s slow walk speed; she has incredible damage and mobility skills like descent and wall jump that will fool enemies and quickly give her an edge.
Hard knockdowns and counter hits are just a few of the things that make Hisako a nightmare to face.
AganosWhile Aganos is considered one of the most difficult characters to use, make no mistake: he is still regarded as one of the best characters in the game. His chunks can be used offensively as well as defensively. Aganos has excellent corner pressure gameplay as well as excellent close-range mix-ups.

Use this character if you want powerful attacks and excellent defence that will leave your opponent perplexed.
EyedolEyedol is another excellent choice because he controls the gameplay like no other when in instinct mode, which grants him full access to the abilities of both heads at the same time.
Although he is difficult for many to use, Eyedol’s warrior and mage forms are no small feat to contend with due to their superior rushdown and zoning skills.
GlaciusGlacius is an effective zoner due to his strong corner pressure. His skill, hail, is widely regarded as the best anti-air move in the game. Shatter is another skill that is commonly used because it is an unblockable burst of energy in a specific area.
Glacius is a fun character to use if you like ranged combat because he has an annoying mid-range move and excellent full-screen zoning.
Thunder Chief Thunder depends on getting close to his opponents to inflict immense damage, but once he does, he is a destructive force. Enemies constantly flee and zone out the chief, especially when instinct mode activates, which increases his mobility.
ArbiterArbiter’s normal attacks are among the best in the game. Arbiter’s attacks have a long range, making it difficult for close combat opponents to connect hits.
If you want extra health, Arbiter is for you. The energy shield is one of Arbiter’s best features, as it provides him with armour that absorbs projectile hits as well as an extra health bar.
TuskThis is yet another character with excellent mobility and a high damage output. Tusk excels at traversing the screen against zoners and also hits like a truck.
His deflect window ability will make opponents think twice about mashing buttons offensively because he automatically counters attacks when hit while in the deflect window.
RiptorDespite the fact that only a few people use Riptor, it remains at the top of this list because this is a character with good range, good run speed, especially on instinct, and survival run, which is great for tactical retreats. Projectiles are rendered useless in Predator mode because they do not hit Riptor.

Its instinct increases its run speed, flame attack range, and tail attack range, making it difficult to defeat in both close and long-range combat. Riptor is the dino for you if you enjoy fast-paced rushdowns.


killer instinct tier list
KilgoreKilgore is widely regarded as the best zoner in the game, and he has a variety of advantages, including guns that shoot from multiple angles, high-damaging missiles, and very good unbreakable damage.
The disadvantage is that Kilgore plays better from a distance because he lacks close-range specials. Kilgore, on the other hand, is the best at range gaming and zoning.
MiraMira is regarded as a high-risk – high-reward character. Mira has the most damaging counter-breaker combo while losing health because her abilities cost health but can be recovered with her command grab and bite.
The disadvantage of Mira is that she is difficult to use because you constantly lose health points even when using abilities like her air dashes and attacks that do no damage to an opponent.
EagleEagle has excellent mix-ups but a low damage output. Eagle is one of the game’s best rushdown characters. He can use his bird to stun opponents and his arrows to zone them.
Eagle, on the other hand, has poor anti-air manoeuvrability and is quite slow. Eagle, on the other hand, is a good choice if you like characters with a good zoner playstyle.
CinderCinder is a character who necessitates frequent visits to the lab to master. He doesn’t have a lot of damage, and he relies heavily on juggling and setups, so the more you use him, the better you get.
Cinder can assist you if you’re into advanced combos.
SpinalSpinal is an excellent offensive character when all of his skulls are up. Spinal has a good set of normal and special moves. Spinal’s instinct mix-ups are also effective due to the bouncing skull, which does not disappear on misses and blocks.
Unlike Aganos, who starts with a few chunks, Spinal is difficult to play early because he starts with zero skulls, which drastically reduces his offensive power, and he has poor spacing abilities.
GargosGargos is another character who has good mobility thanks to his four jumps and good aerial normal. Gargos also summons his minions to assist him in putting pressure on his opponent.
While he is an effective zoner, Gargos’ large stature puts him at a disadvantage because he is vulnerable to pressure attacks. Gargos is the right choice for you if you enjoy having minions fight by your side while you sit comfortably.


killer instinct tier list
Shadow JagoShadow Jago is another character who is considered to be high risk – high reward. This is due to the high consumption of the metre, and because you can’t do both, you’ll have to choose between playing safe or risky in a way that his special moves are all dangerous.
Despite the disadvantages mentioned above, Shadow Jago has excellent mobility and one of the best dashes in the game.
MayaMaya is a fast-moving, aggressive character. She also has great lockdowns with her jump plus moves and a lot of unbreakable damage that is difficult to counter because she is constantly being given free damage if you aren’t used to her combos.
When Maya loses her daggers, she is left with few options because they are an important part of her offensive strategy. One of the skills required to master Maya is the management of a powerful resource.
General RaamGeneral Raam is the best grappler in the game, and he is extremely dangerous once he gets close. Opponents will most likely be seen running away from him at all times, from strong normals to quick command grabs.
He is, however, at a disadvantage because he must be in close range, where he will have to eat a lot of attacks before he can begin wrecking his opponents.
Shin HisakoShin Hisako is a good close-range character because she has good pokes with frame advantage as well as fast mix-ups that are difficult to break. She is difficult to zone out once she is up close and has an exceptional defence.
She is, however, difficult to use against very good zoning characters because she will struggle to get close.
JagoJago is a very well-rounded character with good damage and zoning abilities. One thing that stands out about Jago is how quickly he gains shadow metre. In instinct mode, he can also regenerate his health.
Unfortunately, Jago lacks Shadow Jago’s tool upgrades, such as the mix-ups potential. Jago is still a fun character to play with.
Kim WuKim Wu is regarded as a grounded and strong player because she deals high damage and is difficult to zone. Kim heavily relies on dragon cancels and excellent parrying.
Kim Wu is the character for you if you want a strong and grounded character with high-safe damage reversals.
TJ ComboTJ Combo is another strong close-range fighter. He is a very good combo starter where an opponent’s mistakes can be used against them because TJ Combo can start combos off of these mistakes. It’s also difficult to break his combos because he moves quickly and there isn’t a window for a combo break.
TJ Combo, like most close-range characters, needs to be up close and personal to be effective, which means he must absorb a lot of damage before doing his share.
Kan-RaKan-Ra is a character who sets traps. He is difficult to approach due to his traps, and with great mobility, he can be an excellent zoner, especially when there is constant sand beneath him. Kan-Ra is extremely difficult to master due to his reliance on traps and unconventional movesets.
Opponents will still be frustrated when facing Kan-Ra because he is no walk in the park, especially given the park’s abundance of traps.


killer instinct tier list
SabrewulfSabrewulf is one of the game’s best rushdown characters. He also has an effective Instinct mode in which all of his attacks deal more damage. Chip damage has also been greatly increased, and normals can now do chip damage as well. Feral Cancel is capable of neutralising any ground move.
Saberwulf is heavily reliant on resets and lacks defensive options, but if you enjoy doing good resets and being a good normal character in the game, Sabrewulf is for you.
OrchidOrchid, another rushdown character, is one of the characters with the fastest walk speed in the game. Because of her pokes, she has excellent mid-screen control. In instinct mode, she can easily cover gaps with her fire cat and start combos.
Orchid struggles against zoners because she lacks options that allow her to get up close, but she is still fun to play if you enjoy assists in mix-ups and set plays on hard knockdowns.
SadiraSadira’s Instinct is one of the best in the game because she uses a lot of web pressure and has a lot of air mobility. She has difficulty getting in against zoning and relies heavily on instinct for combat recovery.
Sadira is still a lot of fun to use if you like doing juggle combos, and she’s particularly effective against characters with poor anti-air abilities.
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