King’s Raid: Successors of the Will Review


The King’s Raid is an anime that tells the story of Kasel, an apprentice knight who sets out on a quest to find his missing friend Klaus and uncover a sealed holy sword that can save the kingdom of Orberia from demons.

The story is weirdly engaging and takes its time to develop its characters and world. The animation is top-notch, with fluid action scenes and beautiful art. The characters are likable enough, but they lack depth.



The characters are also decent, but sometimes they are either annoying or boring. Kasel is a likeable protagonist, but he is kind of bland because of how his morals work, and the supporting cast is also very uninteresting, and the closest supporting characters to Mc are also unnecessarily too morally perfect. The action scenes are well animated, but they don’t have much badassery to them.

King’s Raid is an anime with a decent story that features two main characters with different goals. Kasel, the knight apprentice, sets out to rescue his friend Clause but discovers he is the son of the king and the only one who can wield the Holy Sword Aea.

Riheet, the leader of a dark elf mercenary group, plots to take over Orvelia to exact revenge against humans. The story is full of action and adventure as Kasel tries to save humanity from demons while Riheet tries to destroy them.

The main character, Kasel, is almost totally without personality, but there are supporting characters who are boring but likable, making it easy to root for them. The animation is good enough and the overall production values are high. King’s Raid is a fairly enjoyable anime in terms of characters.


  • The story is interesting and has a good plot
  • The characters are likable and have depth
  • The animation is well done and the action scenes are exciting


  • The story moves at a slow pace at times
  • Some of the character motivations are confusing
  • The ending is somewhat unsatisfying


The anime King’s Raid tells the story of a young knight named Kasel who must embark on a perilous quest to unseal the Holy Sword Aea and end the fear instilled by demons. Along the way, Kasel discovers that he is the son of the revered King Kyle and the only one who can wield the sword. As Kasel’s journey to bring hope to humanity and Riheet’s vow of vengeance intertwine, what fate could possibly await them? Despite almost solid world-building and so much potential in that one character, this entry in the anime ultimately falls flat.

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