Why is Linux Not Popular On Desktop Computer


We all know that Linux is a very robust Operating system, but still, it’s not popular.

there has been a surge of revived interest in mistreatment UNIX system

Why, when twenty five years, is that the GNU/Linux desktop still close to the lowest of the “market share” list of shopper in operation systems?

This is not a good sign. Linux has undeniably improved over recent years, so why has it failed to grow?

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Why is Linux Not Popular On Desktop Computer

Linux isn’t pre-installed

having Windows pre-installed on PCs means that’s what people are likely to end up using.

In order for somebody to maneuver over to UNIX operating system on the desktop, there must be a clear reason to do so.

For HP, ASUS, and other computer brands, they usually come with Windows preinstalled.

Clearly, this implies that the percentages of discovering a replacement laptop with a GNU/Linux installation are already low.

So, every time you see a Linux user, you most likely bought a pre-installed Windows laptop and then chose a Linux distribution to run. From the standpoint of things, the odds are in favor of Windows by default.

Gaming Titles

Epic Games Store

Linux gaming has come a long way.

Thanks to Valve, GoG.com, and others, Linux gaming has evolved tremendously in recent years.

Gaming on Linux has come a long way. There are dedicated Linux gaming distributions now.

But this doesn’t mean that vice expertise on UNIX operating system is as sleek as on Windows.

Wine, PlayOnLinux and different similar tools aren’t invariably able to play each common Windows game.

Lack of software

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Adopting a new platform is always easier if you can take the applications you are familiar with you.

So the lack of things like MS workplace and Adobe Photoshop would forever contribute to creating a switchless seemingly.

A good example goes directly to one of the biggest recent successes of open source: OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a great software … considering it is free.

I use it when I have problems with someone else’s computer. It is almost certainly suitable for a light user or a student who writes a couple of essays. As a writer, however, I can’t imagine being stuck without Microsoft Office for a long time.

Even if we have a tendency to think about suggesting Linux-specific computer code alternatives, we’re expecting users to change existing workflows.

I’ve found most people to be resistant to this.

These alternatives may work (and work well).

However, true professionals cannot trust their careers and reputations to different computer code.


The last reason why Linux is not triumphing over Windows in the server space is that it is not really the main focus. At this time, both Linux and Windows are gaining participation in the server market.

How is that possible? The old UNIX grandfather is being thrown under the bus for this to happen. Today, companies are dumping their old mainframe or proprietary UNIX servers for cheaper x86-based hardware.

Familiarity and ease of use

We love our begin menu and our Task Manager and our system receptacle.

Some of U.S. ar even setting out to love our visual image Sidebar and gadgets.

So having the ability to settle on and see new desktop environments is exciting.

It can absolutely be confusing for some newcomers.

The reason for this is most people are coming from the limited world of Windows or OS X.

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