5 Manga About Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue affecting many people, and manga has been used to raise consciousness and inform readers about it. Manga has the ability to express the feelings and experiences of both the bully and the victim via its rich graphics and compelling storylines.

In this article, we will look at some of the best manga on bullying, including stories that address the topic from various perspectives and provide information on the effects of bullying on people and society as a whole. From touching dramas to thrilling thrillers, these manga show off the ability of storytelling to foster empathy and understanding while also encouraging readers to take action against bullying.

Smells Like Green Spirit

Manga About Bullying

Bullying is a terrible reality for many youngsters in schools all across the world, and Smells Like Green Spirit is a manga that confronts this difficult subject head on. Mishima is a student who is constantly bullied by his classmates because they believe he is gay. While Mishima is attracted to guys, he hides this from his bullies and instead seeks comfort in cross-dressing.

Mishima finds one day that one of his bullies, Kirino, has found a tube of lipstick that he had lost. Kirino, to to Mishima’s surprise, is preparing to apply lipstick on his own lips. The two boys form an unexpected relationship as they each seek to find a place where they can be themselves without fear of being judged.

Smells Like Green Spirit is a rich and complex exploration of bullying and its effects on people who are exposed to it. The manga explores the psychological impact of bullying as well as the tough decisions that students like Mishima confront when they are bullied by their peers. Meanwhile, the story is a strong celebration of self-expression and the desire for acceptance, as Mishima and Kirino both learn to embrace their true selves in the face of hardship.


Manga About Bullying

Sick is a manga that explores the delicate issue of bullying in a romantic setting. The story revolves around Sudou, a rich and beautiful student who enjoys tormenting his introverted classmate, Kishi. Sudou’s obsession with Kishi is unexplainable, and he bullies him to see new emotions on his typically blank face. Sudou, on the other hand, goes too far one day and kisses Kishi, resulting in a whole new dynamic between them.

The manga delves into the two characters’ complicated relationship as they manage their feelings for each other, including Sudou’s recognition of the pain he’s done to Kishi and his efforts to make amends. Sick delivers a compelling message about the consequences of bullying as well as the need of self-reflection and growth.

Sick is an engaging story that addresses a sensitive topic while presenting an engaging romantic storyline, using genres such as yaoi, shounen-ai, slice of life, and romance. For anyone who wants to investigate the theme of bullying in an unique context, the manga is an interesting and thought-provoking read.


Manga About Bullying

The manga “Holyland” follows the experience of Yuu Kamishiro, a tortured soul who has been bullied and tortured in school. Yuu feels out of place everywhere and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Yuu gives up school and begins wandering around at night, where he discovers a world of violence and weak law. Yuu begins practicing and honing a single boxing punch to protect himself. He gets the nickname “Thug Hunter” after protecting himself and others from street thugs.

As Yuu’s reputation increases, he attracts a diverse range of people looking for a fight. Yuu fight after fight, trying to find his place in the twisted and dark world of the streets. Nevertheless, the more he struggles, the more he fights the darkness within him.

“Holyland” addresses the themes of seeking acceptance and belonging in a violent society through intense action and psychological depth.

Itonaga-kun no Koi no Ito

Manga About Bullying

Bullying is a tough experience that can leave a person with significant emotional scars. Itonaga-kun no Koi no Ito is the story of Itonaga, a young guy who was ridiculed in middle school because of his abnormally tiny eyes. This experience left him socially awkward and with a terrible past that haunted him throughout college.

When Itonaga attempts to restart his life at college, he suddenly runs into his ex-bully, Sanada. Sanada is now well-liked and social, placing Itonaga in a tricky position. Despite his initial attempts to avoid Sanada, he finally falls victim and attempts to understand Sanada’s genuine goals.

As the story develops, Itonaga learns to face his anxieties and confront his past. With Sanada’s help, he realizes that he is more than his previous experiences and that he has the ability to make his own future. Along the journey, Itonaga finds love and the transformative impact it may have in his life.

My Little Inferno

Manga About Bullying

In the manga My Little Inferno, we follow the journey of Hitoshi Arai, a college student who was bullied in high school. Despite his hopes for a new beginning in college, Hitoshi struggles with anxiety and isolation, feeling like an outsider in his own life.

On his way home from his part-time job one night, Hitoshi accidently clashes with a car, resulting in a fateful meeting with the intimidating and mysterious guy named Mah. Mah offers Hitoshi to remain at his home, and Hitoshi, fearful and powerless, agrees to his conditions.

We see the twisted relationship that develops between Mah and Hitoshi as the story progresses. Mah, who appears to have a dark background of his own, begins to manipulate and emotionally abuse Hitoshi. We explore the topics of power dynamics, manipulation, and abuse that are frequently present in bullying situations in this manga.

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