5 Manga Where MC is looked Down Upon

It’s easy to feel at the bottom of the food chain in a world where the strong rule supreme. But don’t be discouraged; all of these manga characters have been looked down on at some point, and they’ve utilized that experience to grow stronger than anybody could have dreamed. These are five manga where the main character is looked down upon, ranging from an unexpected hero to a demon king.

The Breaker


The Murim, a hidden martial arts society where the most skilled practitioners rule the roost, transports us across its enormous world as we follow our protagonist. The overall storyline of this manga looks straightforward—hero fights evil, wins in the end—but there are a lot of surprises.

Although the graphics and character development lack refinement, they make up for it with powerful passion and unwavering wills. Based on how readily you are drawn into the plot and want to witness more of our heroes’ battle against evil.



Because the main character in Days is a shy, awkward, and bullied teenager ready to attend high school, the manga is highly compelling. At order to be near Sayuri Tachibana, his next-door neighbor and childhood buddy who is a year older than him, he decides to enroll in Seiseki High School.

Jin Kazama takes action to rescue Tsukushi just as he is being bullied after seeing Sayuri at work. He scares the bullies away by attacking them with nunchucks and claims to be a vagabond and lost in town. Then, as his team is without a member, Jin asks Tsukushi whether he enjoys playing football and invites him to join him the next night for a futsal match.

Chronos: Deep


Since his family died in an unexplained fire, Nanasawa Io has led a lonely life. Students at his school are afraid of him, and shortly after, carcasses start to turn up nearby.

The Titans, a group, launch an investigation into Io as a result of this. The Titans’ mission is to find and eliminate Kagetsuki, or those who have been taken over by evil shadows. But the Titans are surprised by what they quickly learn about Io.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


This narrative strikes a mix between craft and action. There is never a dull moment. The tale suffers from reading attrition, since some readers may prefer to take a vacation between seasons and simply wait. Another factor is that this Manhwa includes a lot of scrolling.

Hyun Lee lives in extreme poverty with his grandma, working part-time and scraping by. He joins a virtual reality game called Royal Road one day. Why? To make money Despite his desire to gain money through the game, he is simply a sculptor who earns a pittance. From obtaining free lunches by flirting with NPCs to grinding all hours of the day and night to level up his abilities, he is determined to construct an avatar capable of rescuing his family.

Law of the Devil


Duwei is born into this new planet from Earth without making a sound, without crying, simply staring at the people around him. As he matures, he ceases to talk and laments the new world he has been thrust into. His father, a great general, believes he must have some talent, yet he is simply rubbish.

His relatives dismissed him as the Retarded heir. This is the narrative of his mission to understand the secrets of the world and utilize the knowledge of his prior existence to remove his label of retard, even if it means becoming a demon.

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