OSRS: How to Unlock Guardians of the Rift Mini Game

Welcome to our OSRS guide; in this issue, we will discuss how to unlock the Guardians of the Rift mini-game. This mini-game is an excellent way for players to make their way through the Runecrafting Skill, but before we get into those benefits, we have to first explore how to unlock it. So, let’s check out the requirements for doing so. 

The Guardians of the Rift mini-game is unlocked by the completion of the Temple of the Eye quest, a short pursuit with few requirements, though a full bank is never a bad thing, so if you’re low on Gold, why not visit chicksgold.com to better your progress and get a great deal. 

The lack of requirements is good news for most players, as you can jump straight into the action. The completion not only unlocks the mini-game but provides you with a healthy amount of Runecrafting XP. This XP will give you a much-needed push in the direction of the Runecrafting level requirements of 27 to partake in the Guardians of the Rift. 



Since RuneScape has over 20 years of content, there are a lot of requirements to meet, so before you reach the Temple of the Eye quest, you need to ensure you have completed the following: 

● Level 10 Runecrafting 

● Complete Enter the Abyss quest 

● Complete Rune Mysteries. 

Despite the Level 10 Runecraft requirements, we recommend pushing further, as we have stated that the Runecrafting requirements for the Guardian of the Rift are level 27. 


● Bucket of Water 

● Chisel 

● Pickaxe 

These items will prove highly beneficial in speeding up your progress. 

Getting Started 

When you wish to begin the quest, head to the pool of water north of Al Kharid and speak with Wizard Persten. Here she will show you the Eye Amulet, asking you for assistance uncovering its secrets. She will trust you with the amulet as the tracing spell cast to determine its origins can

only be cast in the Abyss. So you must embark on this quest alone to find the answers. Along the way, you must make your way to the Altar of Zamorak, in the south-eastern area of Varrock. Consult with a member of the Zamorak Magical Institute; they will inform you of how to cast the needed spell correctly, but not before you provide them with a Bucket of Water and a strong cup of tea. 

After completing these small tasks, the Mage will teleport you to the Abyss. Here you will meet the Dark Mage; you will need to wash him using your bucket of water; once done, the Dark Mage will begin casting the origin spell. You’re not done yet, you will still be required to play a part in the casting itself, as six runic energies will surround the room, and you will need to determine the order they move in to cast the spell correctly. The order in which this sequence plays out is random and changes for each player who enters the Abyss, so, unfortunately, the only way to get through this is to pay close attention. Clicking on the correct energy will turn it white, whereas a wrong click will revert all to their original color, so make sure to stay alert. 

Once you have completed the spell with the Dark Mage and got all runic energies in the correct order, the Mage will provide you with an Abyssal Incantation. However, you will need to return to Al Kharid to get the help of a Wizard to understand its meaning. 

Finding The Incantation Meaning 

Once you have returned, speak with Wizard Persten, and she will direct you to the Archmage Sedridor; he can be found in the Wizards Tower. He will take some convincing, but once you locate him in the basement and speak with him, he will eventually agree to assist you with the Abyssal Incantation. As he then begins preparations for the Incantation, you will be required to recruit assistance from the other wizards in the Tower. 

On the second floor, you will encounter Wizard Traiborn, who will require you to help him solve a puzzle. To complete the puzzle, you will need to locate and speak with his three apprentices. Each will give you a different part of the puzzle, and once you are in possession of all three, return to Traiborn and give him the answer. 

Then, with the apprentices in tow, return to the basement to complete the Incantation with Sedridor. The completion of casting the incantation will take you to the amulets’ destination. 

The Rift Itself 

Following the completion of the previous steps, a cutscene will then play. First, you will be transported to an underwater temple; this will be where Guardians of the Rift takes place. An abyssal portal will then open and take Wizard Persten, and you will then need to help the Great Guardian to close the rift.

What follows next will be essentially a tutorial/walk-through of how to approach the actual Guardians of the Rift mini-game, so you should be well prepared for the event itself when the time comes. 

This concludes our OSRS how to unlock Guardians of the Rift mini-game guide. We hope you have found help in this guide and that your endeavors have been bountiful! We look forward to seeing you in the next edition of our blog series!

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