Overwatch 2: New Hero, New Mode And Everything We Know So Far

Overwatch 2 was presented during the opening ceremony of the BlizzCon 2019. It is a sequel to the first-person hero shooter based on the standard Blizzard team of 2016, however, as evidenced by its film ad and the game’s progress, the Next Overwatch 2 may have contemporary problems to supply previous and new players.

The new game will keep all the original heroes, maps and modes, and will also feature a new PvP 6v6 mode called Push, in which two teams will compete to make a robot push the map target at the opponent. It will be available in Casual and Competitive modes, and will also be played in the Overwatch League.

Game Modes

In BlizzCon 2019, Kaplan confirmed a new sports mode known as Push, described as a “central game mode” playable in every fast and aggressive game, and that can even appear within the Overwatch League. The first game images of the Push mode on the new map of Toronto, Canada, confirmed that two groups prevented from escorting a robot to enemy territory.

This momentarily slows down the robot, but the control points they unlock also unlock new generation points.

New Maps

Overwatch 2 will have completely new PvP maps for Push mode, but also for all current “core” game modes. The team wants to make sure that the players have a “totally new experience” thanks to the new maps, which are also coming to the original Overwatch.

Currently confirmed maps new to Overwatch 2 embody:

  • Gothenburg
  • Toronto
  • Monte Carlo
  • Rio de Janeiro

New Heroes

Overwatch 2 will introduce new playable heroes, including new characters and “characters you’ve been waiting for.” It will also take all the heroes of the first Overwatch.

Currently confirmed new heroes in Overwatch 2 include:

  • Sojourn

Blizzard is being shy about how many new heroes we can expect in the release of Overwatch 2. Echo, the elegant flying robot first introduced into McCree’s kinematics, appears largely in the Overwatch 2 revelation, but it’s unclear if they will be A playable hero. I hope this clears up as we learn more about the game in the coming weeks.



The Gameplay of the game Overwatch 2 is a quick summary of everything that comes in the sequel. We take a look at history, the cooperative and the new hero Sojourn.

Pratik Ranjan
Writer & Editor


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