Project Management

All project schedule management work can start from schedule cat. With Gantt chart as the guide and multi person cooperation, team members can continuously create achievements for schedule and goals in an efficient and simpler way, which is easy to use.

In project management, if you want to change the budget, time or scope of the project, it will affect the other two parts or at least one part. As a manager in a project, in any case, changing one of these three constraints means that the other two will be affected to some extent.

Triple constraints are an important part for any successful project, but it’s not a sure thing. The project is made up of many parts, far more than three, but this is the most important, which constitutes the triple constraints. Sometimes you can’t use these three constraints, but those three factors can usually be used in projects.

I Time

The time constraint of a project is to specify how long it will take for the project to be completed, the time sequence of various activities, and how the schedule should be arranged. When there is a difference between the schedule and the plan, how to readjust the project activities to ensure the completion of the project on schedule, or adjust the overall completion period of the project to ensure the time and quality of the activities.

In the project planning stage, you should be able to predict how long it will take to complete the project and meet the required goals. When time becomes a major concern, the quality of the project will become a problem.

On this basis, scheduling is to evaluate the amount of time assigned to a project or to produce a deliverable. Usually, this first records all the tasks from the beginning to the end of the project, and all the tasks that need to be solved.

The project manager can use the progress cat Gantt chart to divide the project into a series tasks which more manageable. These tasks are then sequenced, the dependencies are linked, and the duration is determined and assigned to project members.

II Cost

The cost constraint of a project is to specify how much it will cost to complete the project. The cost of a project is usually measured by the amount of money spent. Through cost accounting, project stakeholders can understand the scope and time requirements of the project under the current cost constraints. When the scope and time of the project change, how much cost change will occur, so as to decide whether to change the scope of the project, change the progress of the project, or expand the investment of the project.

If you have problems with your project, you need to invest more money or resources. The budget of the project needs to be approved by the management and then managed by you. Your planning and implementation of the plan will help determine the budget for the project. If the plan is full of loopholes and the solutions to the problems are backward and incomplete, then the budget will be over-spent and the quality of the project will be difficult to guarantee.

III Scope 

The scope of a project is to specify the tasks of the project. As a project manager, he must be clear about what kind of products or services the project stakeholders expect to obtain. The scope of the project may change with the progress of the project, which conflicts with the constraints of time and cost. Therefore, in the face of the scope constraints of the project, the project manager should do a good job in the change management of the project scope.

No matter your plan, prepare and Investment strategy for the project are made so carefully, changes will always happen. Changes must be controlled and communicated. A change control system must be implemented to formalize the change request, and the response to the change must also be formally stated. A change request for a deliverable, no matter how small it may seem, is crucial. A business reason must be given to implement the change.
While you’re managing a project, some variables can be changed, others cannot. These three constraints will give you constraints in the whole project, help you manage your project, plan your project schedule, scope and cost, and help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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