PUBG Lite footsteps Sound Bugs and Fixes


PUBG Lite is one of the most popular online games, but recently, many players have reported the low sound volume of the last-man-standing shooter game.

After a recent patch, many players are complaining about the footsteps sound balance in PUBG Lite.

If this is happening to you, you’re no doubt very frustrated, but the good news is you should be able to fix it quite easily. We’ve put together some suggestions to help you fix the problem and restore your game sound.

The big “but” is PUBG Lite’s sound mixing – it’s not the best. Unless you turn everything to max, you’ll really struggle to hear some of the games finer details which can lead to regular ear-splitting moments when all hell breaks loose.

Fix Gunshots and Footsteps Sound in PUBG Lite

Being able to identify the source of Gunshots and Footsteps, or turn to deal with a threat at the last moment is crucial to securing kills in PUBG Lite but also to experience the full extent of the game.

But knowing how it operates can help you determine whether or not you’re really experiencing a sound balance issue.

Use Headphones

As with any first-person shooter, you’ll get the very best sound experience with headphones but also because sounds like gunshots, screams, and overhead planes are extremely loud in comparison. Sudden gunfire can scare anyone who’s focused on listening for much quieter sounds. Easily frightened players are especially annoyed.

Adjust Sound Settings on Windows 10

You can also try adjusting other settings in Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost the sound volume for PUBG. Then back to the game to see if the low sound or no sound issue still persists.

Checking this option on your computer should normalize your audio levels. 

  • Right-click on the speaker
  • Select Playback Devices
  • Click on your device
  • Go to Properties 
  • Click on the Enhancements tab
  • Check Enable Loudness Equalization
PUBG Lite Sound

Sound Equalizer

Windows includes a native sound equalizer. However, it’s very basic.

The process of adjusting the balance between frequency components and an electronic signal is called equalization The process of adjusting the balance between frequency components and an electronic signal is called equalization.

This setting exists in the stock audio drivers that Microsoft supplies with windows 10 (also with Windows 8.1 and Windows 7). The setting could also exist in manufacturer supplied audio drivers, for example, in the Realtek HD Audio drivers.

  • Right-click on the volume icon at the bottom right corner on your desktop, and select Sounds.
  • In the popup pane, click the Playback tab, and right-click on your default audio device, and select Properties.
  • From under the Enhancements tab, select Equalizer checkbox.
PUBG Lite Sound

Audio Compressor

Compression means that the boundary between the loudest and quietest sound is reduced. The sickest approach would be that every sound heard is delivered to an equal number of times, so, for example, the quietest sounds are brought up to 50 dB, while the loudest sound is reduced to 50 dB.


  • Open Voicemeeter
  • Click on “Hardware Input 1” on the left-hand side select “KS: VB-Audio Point”
  • Click on “A1” on the right-hand side
  • Select the “KS:” with your original audio device behind it.
  • Now you should hear sound through your audio device.
  • Above the “Fader gain” on the left side, you will find two round meters. The left is for compression, the one we need.
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