Steal These 8 Content Marketing Ideas From These Well-Known Brands

Content marketing and efforts to create a solid presence online have increased in the last few years. And you need to work smarter to keep adhering to the principles of quality and consistency in your strategy. 

With over 5.3 billion people (66% of the world’s population) using the Internet, many businesses use writers of an essay writing help service EssayHub to create content for customers online.

Whether new or old in the marketing world, ideating fresh content can be challenging for brand marketers. And when you think you’ve reached an ‘aha’ moment, you almost always realize that you’ve seen that idea somewhere else. 

But don’t worry; you can still borrow an existing idea from a world-class brand and put a creative spin on it. If you need content marketing inspiration from top brands, check out the following concepts and stay on top of your game.

Old Spice: Humor Posts

Considering how long Old Spice has been in operation, it is impressive how it has kept up with its customers. But things weren’t always this good. The company’s poor position against its rivals brought the idea to ditch its outdated image and favor something trendy. 

Old Spice’s new idea includes creating and posting funny videos and images to attract prospective customers. Old Spice retained its status as a top brand. It became a relevant brand to the new generation through funny ads, videos, and the overall quality of its content. 

Even coursework writing help platforms like have begun using funny posts to attract more students, proving that humor works in any industry.

Buffer: Guest Blogging

Buffer’s three-pronged online content marketing approach makes it a famous brand in the field.

Buffer relies on guest blogging to drive its expansion. The company keeps producing articles on high-profile sites multiple times daily. Through this excellent strategy, the business got its first 100,000 users.

Today, Buffer has an open blog and a transparency blog. With these blogs, the firm shares its wins and hurdles over the years. Also, it posts quality content to clients and subscribers as email newsletters. 

The result of Buffer’s content marketing idea is apparent with its strong online presence. The firm has over 1.2 million social media followers and 75,000 customers. This vast followership and users signify its popularity and customers’ faith in the firm.

HubSpot: Blog Posting 

For anything content marketing, HubSpot is always at the forefront. The agency’s domination is unsurprising, considering its elite-level ideas. 

Apart from formulating a free tool as a strategy for growth hack, HubSpot takes content marketing to a new height with the following methods. 

  • Creating comprehensive blog articles on the topics that pique the interest of readers.
  • Adding e-books and other content enhancements to their blog posts.
  • Devising an instructional and content hub — With over 321,000 visits monthly, the hub creates an avenue for the firm to boost its credentials.

GE: The GE InstaWalk Idea

GE has a long history of drawing the public’s attention to what many consider a dull industry. The firm achieves this through an outstanding Instagram content marketing strategy. For instance, it once enlisted a small group of Instagram influencers and top fans to organize the #GEInstaWalk.

The #GEInstaWalk includes a tour of the company’s production facilities. Its trendy photographs made the rounds online, thanks to the creative use of relevant hashtags. 

The strategy brought about commendable growth in its Instagram followership. Just think about it: the company recorded over 8 million views with more than 3,000 new followers.

Coca-Cola: Personalization Campaign

Coca-Cola’s latest content marketing idea — the share a Coke campaign — kicked off strongly in Australia. The company put over 130 most frequent names on its bottles and urged people to have a Coke with each other in hopes of finding a bottle with their name on it.

The unique and inexpensive idea brought over 250 million sales of its bottle and tin can products. The campaign’s success in Australia has since extended to other countries.

Slack: The Frontiers Conferences

Slack organizes conferences to connect and enlighten over 630,000 worldwide clients every year. The company’s strategy yields incredible results, more noticeable in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During Slack’s Frontiers Conferences, firms learn about its ever-expanding service offerings.

Apart from these successful conferences, Slack engages in growth marketing strategies. It uses its YouTube channels to post videos suggesting solutions to common challenges brands and administrators face. 

Intrepid Group: Journal

Intrepid Group centers on small groups, extraordinary experiences, and environmentally responsible travel. To boost its business and online presence, Intrepid uses Journal, a core content hub.

In Journal, Intrepid’s clients share their experiences, likes, and dislikes. Of course, the company is monitoring it closely.

The feedback it gets from the Journal serves several purposes. First, the company can adjust or keep up with operations to meet customers’ demands through feedback. Second, the input draws other customers to the company and proves its credibility. 

Intrepid uses another exciting content marketing strategy on its Facebook page. It posts breathtaking images of places and adorns them with captivating captions.

Intrepid’s content marketing strategy has attracted more than 600,000 Facebook fans and an active following on other social platforms.

JetBlue Airlines: Video Marketing Campaigns

JetBlue does not shy away from getting creative with its content as a leading airline. The firm uses spellbinding videos to excite its audience and highlight its brand values.

An example of JetBlue’s content marketing campaign includes its Reach Across The Aisle idea, which encourages people to discover what unites them. Other campaigns are series on flying with babies and quirky flight decorum. 

Due to JetBlue’s creativity, people are always on the lookout for the airline’s content. Millions of YouTube views point to the uniqueness of its content.


You need captivating content marketing ideas regardless of where you intend to publish your content. You don’t have to ditch the videos and pictures you planned to post; you may just have to make them more creative. The concepts above give you a head start in producing quality content relevant to your brand’s direction.

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