Tekken 7 Tier List: The Best Characters in the Game


The Tekken universe is ever-changing. Players are always devising new methods and approaches to get an advantage over their opponents. This creates a lot of uncertainty when it comes to choosing which character to use in your next match.

We’ve developed a Tekken 7 tier list that ranks each character in the game from best to worst to needed to make an informed selection.

Are you a fresh player eager to test your abilities against others? Are you a seasoned player who is sick of losing matches and wants to know which character will give you the highest chance of winning? Whatever brings you here, this Tekken 7 character tier list will help you make a decision.

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Tekken 7 tier list

S Tier

Tekken 7 tier list (Best to Worst)
AkumaWhen it comes to burst damage, Akuma is one of the finest. Whether you’re in the lead or falling behind, his damage may be overpowering. He is, however, one of the riskier fighters to utilize due to his high skill ceiling.
GeeseThis time, Moonslicer propels Geese to the top of the charts. It’s basically a great technique for setting up and bridging combinations. This permits Geese to move in on the opponent without fear of being punished.
FahkumramFahkumram is the epitome of correctness. He possesses powerful attacks and good combinations, which, by the way, include various mix-up options. He can rack up a number of victories with little effort on the part of the player.
LeroyOn the Tekken 7 stage, Leroy is still unrivaled. His hits are hard, accurate, and safe, making him a constant in competitive battles and an excellent choice for players with varying levels of experience.
JuliaJulia has built a name for herself in the top tier thanks to her superb neutral game and dazzling mix-ups. However, Julia’s play has one of the most difficult skill limits in the game, so make sure to put in all those time in the lab if you want her to excel.
SteveSteve can be a difficult fighter to master, but once you do, the benefits will be obvious. He fights in an unconventional manner, using rapid punches and hypnotic bob and weaves instead of kicks. He’s quick, has good combinations (both ground and air), and is an all-around attacking beast.
MardukMarduk is a great example of a rushdown fighter. Marduk, on the other hand, rushes in with his tackles instead of a swarm of moves and combos. They can be used offensively to put pressure on opponents or as powerful counters to restart the fight. Regardless, the opponent will have a difficult time.

A Tier

tekken 7 tier list
Characters Description
DragunovDragunov is most effective when rushing down opponents. His moves are powerful, and his combinations are overwhelming. He also has some grappling ability. Dragunov has been solid overall, but a lot of the fighters have caught up with him.
JinJin has all of the tools he needs to be successful, but he can be difficult to manage, especially when up against the strong competition.
KingAs one would expect from the franchise’s top grappler, King’s unusual playstyle is viable for specialists but has numerous flaws. There are better possibilities available, but his style makes him stand out enough for you to choose him.
BryanBryan’s strikes are powerful but short. His viability rises as he approaches his opponent, especially if the opponent is close to a wall.
Jack 7Jack is a fighter who is sluggish yet powerful. He has the ability to instantly destroy an opponent, but this is dependent on the player’s ability to create mix-ups and surprising combos.
ClaudioClaudio is one of the game’s few true mid-rangers. His offense is based on baiting opponents with his approaches and then punishing them when their attacks fail. His Starburst is more than a gimmick; it has practical applications in a number of circumstances.
PaulIt’s simple to see why Paul is one of Tekken 7’s most popular fighters. He possesses deadly offensive options that only become more viable when the player perfects the side sway-evade into one of his fists. He’s meant to be a slow character, but because of his smooth combos and good frame data, it doesn’t feel that way.
GanryuDespite the big learning curve, Ganryu is a competent player. His slow, heavy-hitting strikes are countered by his unexpectedly agile agility. Surprisingly, his attacks outperform his grabs, therefore he’s best used as a mid-poking fighter.
MiguelMiguel has deadly attacks and good mix-ups, but his slow movement can be an issue in competitive play.
Devil JinDevil Jin makes his way to the top tier thanks to his strong offensive and defensive capabilities. He can also buff himself with electric assaults, which is an added bonus.
KazumiKazumi, unsurprisingly, plays similarly to Kazuya. Committal moves that are most effective in close quarters. What distinguishes her is that she has instruments to assist her in approaching the opponent. She does not, however, have Kazuya’s damage output from combinations.

B Tier

tekken 7 tier list
LeeWhile not as swift as other fighters, Lee pokes opponents with surprise moves that, in the heat of combat, appear to be delayable.
HeihachiUnder the right talent, Heihachi may have a devastating offense. His lows are fast, and his launches are powerful. The issue is that many of his actions are predictable, which can put him at a disadvantage against counter fighters like Claudio.
ElizaEliza thrives from being controlled by a skilled player. She has everything she needs to win: missiles, speed, and power. The issue is that her attacks are repetitive. Her lows and highs are below average when compared to others, making her a bit one-dimensional for competitive play.
KazuyaKazuya is a fighter for players that are confident in their abilities. His techniques are quite direct, making him vulnerable if you miss some combos. However, if you execute them correctly, the damage will be done.
Lidia SobieskaLidia is mostly used to put pressure on the opposition and put them in strange positions. Lidia is quite linear, but in the right hands, she is a force to be reckoned with.
KunimitsuOn the major stages, we haven’t seen much of Kunimitsu’s talent. She’s a good mix-up and poke fighter, but there are better options.
Feng WeiThere’s nothing wrong with Feng’s move set. Having saying that, he’s in this category since none of his moves are particularly good.
LiliLili’s main selling point is her ability to move quickly and hit with good range. She’s good for newbies, but she struggles when the competition heats up.
ShaheenShaheen has adequate tools to compete in any matchup, but not enough to dominate in it. He’s a good poker player and counter fighter, but his versatility is limited by a lack of effective low attacks.
AlisaAlisa has a variety of poking instruments that she can use in combination with her movement and mix-ups. She leaves you wanting in terms of damage, but everything else about her is fantastic.
LawLaw appears to be beginner-friendly, and he is to some extent. His movements aren’t very complex. The top Law players, on the other hand, go beyond his arsenal of kicks, flips, and somersaults to make him a more planted player. With this approach, he is less likely to accept punishment, thereby filling the gaps in his defense.
JosieJosie is a hard-hitting combatant who moves surprisingly quickly. She’s simple to use, but her ceiling in competitive matchups is too low because of that.

C Tier

tekken 7 tier list
NeganThe range of some of Negan’s moves adds to his utility. He’s a Claudio-style fighter who prefers to punish misses than box his opponent in.
Master RavenBecause of the range of her strikes, safe teleports, and rapid speed, Master Raven is a safe fighter to utilize. However, she falls short in terms of damage.
EddyEddy’s colorful capoeira fighting technique is ideal for having fun and dancing your way to victory after a hard day. It should be noted that success will not be easy for him because he lacks good offensive and defensive capabilities to put pressure on the opponent.
ZafinaZafina was designed with agility in mind. She is really mobile. This provides her with all of the defensive tools she requires. She benefits from good offensive moves that translate nicely into combinations.
AsukaAsuka works best as a defensive punisher. She’s simple to use, although her ceiling is lower than that of other fighters.
XiaoyuXiaoyu is a skilled fighter who can confuse opponents with her stances and fast blows. She also possesses good movement and evasive abilities.
LeoLeo is a speedy and stylish fighter that excels in extended, multiple-hit combinations. His openers are predictable, hence he has a difficult time dealing with punisher fighters or those that escape well.
NinaWhen you’re on the receiving end of Nina’s quick attacks and extensive combinations, it might be aggravating. Fortunately for the opponent, they do not deal as much damage. Nina has a high skill cap as well, and her juggling requires exact execution.
LarsWhile Lars’ combinations may not be the finest in the game, they are unquestionably the most flashy. These, particularly the wall juggles, are easily executed by good Lars players. Because of his lack of defensive alternatives, he is difficult to deploy.
BobBob is an all-around speedy fighter who is also quite simple to learn and play. His rapid attacks allow him to poke and punish effectively.

D Tier

tekken 7 tier list
LeiBecause of his diverse stances and playstyle that rewards players who correctly punish their opponent, he’s incredibly unforgiving for newbies. Is it worthwhile to take the risk? Probably after you’ve put in over a hundred hours of Lei practice.
HwoarangHwoarang is a good fighter, but he’s tricky to use. With his various stances and extensive move set, he creates a skill barrier. Because his kicks are slower than other fighters’ movements, he should use them after his poking fists.
KatarinaKatarina is a straightforward fighter to handle. Her move set is simple, which is perhaps why nothing about it is exceptional.
YoshimitsuYoshimitsu simply adds chaos to a contest. Whether or not the controlling player is affected by this is determined by their skill. His move set is strange and chaotic, which has some advantages, but his lack of clear direction on his playstyle is ultimately his downfall.
AnnaAnna, unlike Nina, does not require a precise setup. On the other hand, because of her predictable actions and launchers, she is significantly less oppressive.
NoctisNoctis’ style has adapted beautifully into Tekken. He’s a straightforward fighter who prioritizes defense and solid readings. His game is unique, but not enough to catch opponents off guard.
Armored KingUnlike King, the grappling god, Armor King prefers pressure-heavy attacks initiated by his gap closers. To make this work, the player must be very aware of technical aspects such as to punish spacing, location, and time.

E Tier

tekken 7 tier list
GigasGigas is particularly skilled at rushing down opponents. That’s all. He works best with offensive blinders on, pressing your opponent into the wall at all times. When this fails, Gigas’ terrible defense is highlighted. He’s effective when putting pressure on opponents, but not when it’s the other way around.
Lucky ChloeLucky Chloe’s gimmicky manoeuvres make her a headache for beginners. However, as you get more experience, you’ll notice that she has various weaknesses in her game.
Kuma/PandaYou have no business deploying these monsters in high-level competitions unless you’re Rangchu. Their hitboxes are a significant disadvantage. Their attacking game is difficult to learn, but the rewards are merely adequate.
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