The Pros and Cons of Twitch

Twitch has become synonymous with video games in recent years. The live streaming platform was first launched in 2011 and quickly became one of the most popular websites in the United States. In just a few years, Twitch became the go-to online channel for video game streams. For casual gamers, it’s the perfect service for engaging with like-minded individuals. For savvier players, it’s a lucrative platform that can be effectively leveraged to bring in considerable revenues. Unsure of whether Twitch is the right fit for you? Read on for the pros and cons of this popular live streaming service. 

Pro – Twitch Allows Users to Generate a Healthy Income 


The most popular Twitch users earn a combined income of more than 20 million dollars every year. However, if you’re just starting out with Twitch streaming, don’t expect revenues anywhere close to this. 

A successful streamer can expect to bring in around 3,000 to 5,000 dollars monthly from their subscribers. However, if you want to bring in more money than this, you’ll need to think beyond simple subscriber numbers. 

Additional income is fairly easy to generate, although you’ll need to utilize several different revenue streams. Established Twitch users should have little trouble securing bit donations from their subscriber pool, while particularly successful users can also leverage ad revenues. If you’re lucky enough to build a significant audience, you can also explore sponsorship deals with third parties. 

Con – Twitch Takes a Cut Revenues 

As with many other video game streaming platforms, Twitch takes a cut of any money users makes. The percentage cut that Twitch takes from its streamers is pretty significant. Twitch takes half of all revenues generated from subscription costs. This revenue share won’t impact the most successful streamers on Twitch, but those looking to establish themselves will feel the pinch. The platform also puts a commission on the initial purchase of bits, although there’s no subsequent commission applied should users wish to tip streamers with their acquired bits. 

If you want to become a professional streamer, there’s no better platform than Twitch. At the time of writing, Twitch has more than 140 million active users. With such a huge audience, even first-time streamers should have little trouble securing a small base of subscribers. 

Cons – Content is Exclusive to Twitch for a Limited Time 

Promotion is crucial when it comes to becoming a first-rate streamer. If you’ve pulled off an epic move in-game maneuver or completed a speedrun in record time, you’ll want to share the news with as big an audience as possible. Unfortunately, any content streamed via Twitch is bound by exclusivity for 24 hours after it was first broadcast. Should you attempt to share footage of your stream before these 24 hours have elapsed, you’ll violate your contract with the platform and may find your account suspended. 

Pro – Aspiring Esports Players Can Promote Themselves 

If you’re eager to begin a career in esports but don’t know how to network, becoming a Twitch streamer is an easy way to get noticed by the industry. However, it’s unlikely that a would-be sponsor or team manager is simply going to happen upon your stream by chance. For beginners, timing is everything. Looking to become a professional League of Legends player? Check the LoL esports schedule online and time your streams around the biggest tournaments to capitalize on audience appetite. 

Con – Streaming Channels Are Hard to Moderate 

Although Twitch is an established streaming platform, moderation tools are sadly lacking. If you’re looking to promote your skills to esports insiders and sponsors, this lack of moderation may prove problematic unless you’re ready to take on the trolls and police chat yourself. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a diehard gamer looking to share your love of video games, becoming a Twitch streamer is well worth considering. However, if you’re looking to use Twitch as an income stream, approach with caution. It takes time to build up a large enough subscriber base to secure any substantial revenues. What’s more, you’ll need to share a huge portion of your profits with the platform. There are also exclusivity limitations to bear in mind, which makes promoting yourself via other platforms difficult. 

Sujeet Kumar
Gamer, Enjoy Anime and Admin.

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