Toilet Chronicles Review

Toilet Chronicles is a first-person horror-comedy game that will have you questioning your every move. This game will keep you engaged for hours on end with different endings and odd dialogue. While the game’s memes are out of date, the challenge it offers is still very much there. In Toilet Chronicles, you must escape a public restroom with the help of your toilet neighbour. Every decision you make has the potential to result in a different consequence, so select wisely!

The game is played from the perspective of someone who has to use the restroom at a 2008 party. They enter and find themselves in a public bathroom, where they proceed to explore. They then enter an unoccupied cubicle, when the man in the stall next to them requests toilet paper. He passes them a letter with the admonition “STAY IN THE CABIN!” after delivering him what he wants.

Toilet Chronicles

The player/we must then pick what to do next. If we decide to exit the cabin, we will see that the escape door has been removed. Now we have to figure out whether that guy trapped us or is trapped with us…

Toilet Chronicles is a fun and humorous escape room game in which you must locate all 13 endings. You’ll be laughing your way through this game in no time because most of the endings are straightforward to discover. The only tough ending is the one with the number lock, but with a little patience, even that can be easily handled. Toilet Chronicles is a superb game for anybody seeking for a good laugh, with lots of jokes to keep you occupied.

Toilet Chronicles is an entertaining, brain-teasing game that is well worth the $5 price tag. There’s lots of replay potential here, with 12 possible endings to explore. The visuals and mechanics are excellent, providing an immersive and engaging experience.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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