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Anime and video games go together like bread and butter. If you go to an anime convention, you will most likely see cosplayers and video game products and vice versa. Even if you’re not a big fan of both, you probably at least got into one if you love the other.

Combining the two seems like it is bound to happen. The genres of anime are never ending, creating possibilities for battle, horror, romance, fantasy, sci-fi and more in the video game world.

This list is especially good if you are looking for your solution in this unique form of Japanese animation, but discover that your wallet cannot be extended to triple AAA full-price.


we’ve decided to rank the best anime video games of all time, with the help of votes from gamers like you.

NieR: Automata

Anime Video Games
Image:- Steam

Nier: Automata is an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix.

Nier: Automata takes place in a desolate but stunning futuristic dystopia where humanity has fled to the moon after an extraterrestrial invasion, leaving behind an army of androids to fight the aliens’ more primitive but prolific machines.

You initially see Automata from the perspective of a female android named 2B who is part of YoRHa, a group of artificial soldiers tasked with wiping the Earth of its hostile robots and their alien creators.


Final Fantasy XIV

Anime Video Games
Image:- Youtube

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows personal computers, developed and published by Square Enix in 2010.

Light and darkness as a motif for good and evil is hardly a new idea, even just within Final Fantasy, but it’s how Shadowbringers challenges those tropes that make its story extraordinary.

For all its strengths, Final Fantasy XIV remains one of the most traditional mainstream MMORPGs, which in this case means you have to level through six years’ worth of story content before you can hop into Shadowbringers.

9/10GameSpot9.5/10IGN 4.5 PC World

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Anime Video Games
Image:- Steam

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a 2017 American visual novel developed by Team Salvato for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Doki Doki Literature Club is a masterpiece of the intelligent subversion of the genre: apparently a dating simulator, Doki Doki Literature Club numbs the player with a false sense of security with its colorful cliché cast of anime characters, bright colors and soothing music . And then the other shoe falls and the radius of explosion is huge.

The Doki Doki Literature Club!, on the other hand, “is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2.5D fighting game developed by Arc System Works

10/10Steam4.5/5Common Sense Media 97% Google users

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Anime Video Games
Image:- Steam

Not only one of the best anime games, but also one of the best fighting games ever created, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a love letter to everyone’s favorite show characters.

But Arc System Works kept it simple. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2D fighting game with only 24 characters at launch and a fighting system where the most complicated move is a quarter-circle forward or back.

8.5/10IGN9/10GameSpot83%PC Gamer

Guilty Gear Xrd

Anime Video Games
Image:- Steam

The Guilty Gear series has never quite taken off like Capcom’s top fighters. Its mish-mash of mechanics is often seen as a deterrent to new fans, and so too is the rougher, heavy metal twist to its universe – filled as it is by vampires, anchor-wielding pirates, and doctors with giant scalpels.

Moreover, in a fashion of great anime it puts its themes and esoteric ideas first, wraps them up in aesthetics and only then concerns itself with a cohesive plot.

4.5 Trusted Reviews 86% Metacritic 8.5/10 IGN

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