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Upcoming Windows 10 Features and Update in 2020

Windows 10’s next update is the 20H1 Update, which is version 18965 and was codenamed 20H1 during development.

Well, Microsoft has updates planned for 2020, one in the first half of the year and another in the second half.

Among the long list of improvements that will be available in 20H1, there were a few new features in the update that caught our attention.

As always with early versions of these Windows 10 updates, this list doesn’t have every new feature, but we’ll update it when major new features are announced.

Task Manager

Task Manager is a major part of Windows 10 but never gets any major updates after its release but in 20H1, there are some interesting features coming out in 2020.

GPU Temperature

  • Showing GPU temperature in Task Manager is currently supported only if you have a dedicated GPU card.
  • Currently, the temperature value is only supported in Celsius.

Virtual Desktops

You can also right-click the thumbnail of the desired desktop in Task View, and a context menu with a Rename option in it should appear.

  • Virtual Desktops can now be renamed and are saved across reboots.

Windows Search

Windows Search has built-in spell correction to help you see what you’re looking for. the search box in File Explorer is now controlled by Windows Search.

  • Hints to improve Best match results


In the previous update, Microsoft separated search and Cortana and in 20H1 Microsoft planning to bring new Cortana UI to 20H1 update.

Windows 10 now ships with a new Cortana experience that updates through the Microsoft Store and provides a new chat-based user Interface with the ability to type or speak to the assistant.

options

Windows 10 is introducing a new Make your device passwordless option.

Enabling passwordless sign-in will switch all Microsoft accounts on your Windows 10 device to modern authentication with Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or PIN.

Data usage

Starting with the 20H1 development, Windows 10 is removing the Data usage tab from the main “Network & Internet” listing. However, the settings are not gone, they’re accessible on a per-connection basis in the “Status” page.

  • Control over restarting apps at sign-in
  • Windows Search improvements
  • Integrated Data Usage
  • Cortana new UI supports with both light and dark themes in Windows.
  • The Wi-Fi list has been updated with a UI and improved iconography
  • The Windows Ink workspace is now smaller and provides direct access to Microsoft whiteboards and snips and sketches.
  • A new Cortana experience exists that offers a new conversational UI, light and dark mode, and more.
  • Virtual desktops can now be renamed and reboots are saved throughout.
  • New notification options exist and allow the user to control which applications can pop up notifications, hide the contents of notifications, and more.
  • Users can now add events to their calendar by time and data directly on the taskbar.
  • Inconvertible laptops, the taskbar in desktop mode and enlarging the buttons in File Explorer now provide a better touch experience.
  • The Touch Keyboard now has 39 additional languages powered by SwiftKay Technologies.
  • Input method editors (IMEs) are meant to improve Japanese as well as simplified and traditional Chinese.
  • Demarkation now supports 12 additional languages.

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