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The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update intends to improve the underground environment of the blocky sandbox, which includes the addition of one of the many new minerals and blocks, one of which is copper.

Copper, unlike Minecraft’s other precious metals, is rather simple to discover and mine. It’s a versatile material that can be melted and used to make a variety of objects, blocks, and tools.

In this article, I will explain what copper is used for in Minecraft, as well as some other commonly asked questions about copper in Minecraft.

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Where can I get Minecraft copper?

Copper, like all metals in Minecraft, may be mined underground. It is available in two styles:

  • A standard variant found in stone
  • A unique variant found in deepslate, which is further underground and considerably more difficult to locate.

Copper blocks have a characteristic orange and turquoise speckled appearance and must be mined with a stone pickaxe or tougher. After gathering copper ore, you’ll need a Minecraft blast furnace to process it into ingots for crafting.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of creating a furnace, you may get copper ingots from Drowned, a zombie mob that spawns in rivers and oceans and drops copper ingots when slaughtered.

In Minecraft, what can I make using copper?

Copper’s crafting powers are quite comparable to those of most other metals in Minecraft. You can make weapons, armour, and tools out of copper ingots from a blast furnace.

You may also process nine ingots to make a copper block, which oxidises over time, making the initial orange block blue. If you like Minecraft builds and want to make some industrial structures, this is a great resource.

Copper’s Usage

Copper block

copper used for in minecraft

After the copper ore has been smelted into ingots, players can take those ingots to a crafting table to begin crafting.

To build a copper block, players must arrange a copper ingot in four slots on the crafting table to form a square. Because the copper block cannot be crafted into anything else, it is categorized as a cosmetic block.

Copper ingots

copper used for in minecraft

In order to begin creating with copper in Minecraft, users must first melt the ore into ingots. Copper ore may be smelted into copper ingots in a furnace or a blast furnace utilising anything as a fuel source. Wood, coal, lava, and charcoal may all be used as fuel in Minecraft.

When utilising a furnace or a blast furnace, players must place the fuel in the bottom left slot and the material to be melted in the top left slot. The graphic above depicts the smelting process, with the end output visible in the slot on the right side of the screen.

Copper rods

copper used for in minecraft

Copper rods may be used in Minecraft to prevent lightning from setting fire to a player’s house. In Minecraft, players may use the copper rod by placing it at the top of their house. Any lightning strikes within the rod’s range will be attracted by the copper rod.

Oxidizing copper

copper used for in minecraft

When copper is exposed to the elements over an extended length of time, it begins to become blue-green. The process by which copper changes colour as a result of environmental exposure is known as oxidation. The Oxidizing effect will be seen in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update.

The oxidation process does not occur overnight. After numerous daytime cycles, copper in Minecraft will begin to oxidise. Players who want to prevent oxidation can use Minecraft beeswax to wax the copper.

Cut copper block

copper used for in minecraft

The cut copper block is used to make items like staircases and slabs. In Minecraft, grid lines are a guaranteed way to determine the difference between a copper block and a cut copper block.

In Minecraft, the lines of a cut copper block are intended to show the player that the copper block may be used to build other objects.

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

The lightning rod is an extremely handy tool made of copper. This rod deflects lightning strikes in its path. Put one of these on top of your combustible buildings to save yourself some trouble.

Lightning rods also generate a redstone signal when struck, which is useful if you enjoy using Minecraft’s automation features. Three copper ingots are required to make a lightning rod.

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