What’s The Difference Between Gaming VS Regular Headphones

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That said, making the choice between headphones and a headset might seem rather minuscule and simple.

You see, your choice of whether to buy a gaming headset or buy a headphone and a mic to match it depends on your needs.

Gaming headsets may seem like an obvious choice for gamers

Lastly, some high-end gaming headsets feature USB connection with an integrated sound card.

Apart from that, certain gaming headsets boast the support for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound audio, but there is numerous free software which can add virtual and positional audio to any stereo headphones.

Sound Quality

Gaming VS Regular Headphones
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The second biggest difference is often the overall sound quality of a gaming headset when compared to a pair of low-end audiophile headphones as well.

If you want virtual surround features, software or hardware solutions are often packed with gaming headsets.

For gamers who play FPS games, fake surround sound is important because it can help you quickly locate enemy positions.

A headset or headphone capable of powerful bass is also a must for FPS games.

This is because one is brought to life by the sound of explosions or gunfire.


Many gaming headsets have retractable or removable microphones, and they can do double duty as a regular pair of headphones.

The gamer-inspired aesthetics of most headsets make them mostly for use during gaming.

On the downside, gaming headsets are quite heavy and uncontrolled, so they are not as portable as mainstream headphones.


For gaming headsets, comfort is paramount. The amount of time you are going to spend on your next adventure, which is unknown, is important that the headset you pick up does not reduce your weight.

When choosing gaming headphones, you want headphones that give you high-quality surround sound. Surround sound gives you directional awareness so that you know what is going on around you. This directional awareness is necessary based on the game you are playing.

To judge a gaming headset based on comfort, you can start by correctly analyzing the stuff used in making ear pads and headbands. An element like memory foam is better because it fits its design to suit the shape of your ear.


Do you need a mic for gaming? Then go for gaming headsets.

A detachable gaming mic is ultra-portable, suitable for those gamers who are on the move.

With an external mic, you get more than just gaming with it.

Gaming headset or headphones

Choosing between a gaming headset and headphones and a mic combo is a difficult decision.

Knowing the difference often determines whether you are enjoying your gaming experience or not.

Overall sound quality

If you want the best audio quality for your money and / or use it for things other than gaming, then get mainstream headphones.

You should get a pair of regular headphones and then get a microphone separately.

Pros and cons

Regular Headphones


  • Normal headphones come with many choices in features and designs.
  • They are usually more comfortable and offer a relaxed listening experience.
  • The sound is of high quality with tighter bass, full midrange, and a controlled treble.
  • Most innovation and research are first introduced to normal regular Headphones.


  • They do not have a built-in microphone.
  • Uncontrolled bass.
  • They usually lack the seven points one real or virtual surround capability.

Gaming headphones


  • Summarising the pros of gaming headphones, they have to surround sound technology.
  • The headphones come with a built-in microphone.
  • Designed with long gameplay in mind, they are often built for comfort.


  • Heavy base and uncontrolled treble.
  • Uncomfortable for long music listening and no decent midrange.
  • Lack of choices on wearing comfort, colors and other options i.e. call controls, etc.


I hope that sets you in the right direction! When you manage to take one of these categories

  • Versatility
  • Sound quality
  • Comfort
  • Pros and cons
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