Why Game Journalism Sucks?

Gaming has been a very important part of our society, and it’s the only place where people can escape from reality, but Gaming Journalism is trash. It’s hardly considered journalism at all.

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Game Journalism Sucks?

There are some positive aspects of game journalism like revealing new games, the preview of new games, and reviewing new games but that’s the only minority of game journalism because right now most of the game media only highlights negative parts of gaming.

Game journalism do not represent the Gaming community

Many of you gonna say, game journalism does not need to represent the game community, but that’s not the point because Game journalism does represent gaming but mostly from a negative perspective. Game media usually generalize a group of toxic people and label them as gamers and it’s the internet, people are toxic everywhere and you can’t complain that gamers are too toxic. And many times game media themselves start a conflict between gamers and game media.

Game media are too political

There is nothing wrong with being political except for being too political is a problem, such as pushing political agenda on something that isn’t even political. individuals avoid politics especially when a thing is about having fun because politics usually divide people rather than connecting.

Even if they are making a good point, they will still find a way to attack someone.

Game reviews are not about the game

This does not apply to every game journal or game reviews, but a lot of game review by the most popular game media is not about the game they’re talking about like their article starts with the game with after a few paragraphs article looks like a political rant and these articles are usually are popular among Twitter warriors.

This article is my opinion about Why Game Journalism Sucks? and if you have a different opinion, then comment below.

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