Why Is DOTA 2 One Of The Most Complicated And Interesting Games?

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Dota 2 is interesting because of its Warcraft universe, which colorfully describes the history of this world, the wars, and the characters’ relationships. Many players moved to Dota 2 from the first part of the game. More precisely, from the mod in the strategy game Warcraft. This mod was created to keep players distracted from professional and regular games. 

Dota 2 news is the most popular international news from the world of eSports. Dota quickly gained popularity for its unusual gameplay, where victory depends on many factors. First of all, a huge selection of characters with different abilities can come up with many different strategies (usually when choosing protagonists, between the captains are mind games). 

A correct line-up gives an advantage in the early game. Well-placed visibility on the map allows you to see enemy movements and be ready for them. The teamwork of all five players (where everyone has a role) enables you to win battles. personal performance, too; no one canceled.

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About Why Dota 2 Seems Simple

All those who feel that Dota has become easier cite various cosmetic and life-saving elements. They talk about the creep boxes in the forest, no need to buy a courier, free wards, a more user-friendly interface with more different information, and removed ORB effects. 

The game became more convenient, especially for the newcomer, which is super important. Without the influx of new people, the game will die sooner or later. A newbie should walk into the game and see a clear UI. They shouldn’t have “what is this anyway?” questions right at the start. The game should make a person want to dive in further. A new player should not want to close the game after the first minutes. 

A lot of good steps have been taken in this direction. It should be clearly understood that for the experienced player, these changes are nothing special. A professional gamer already knew what creep boxes are and how to use them, and learned how to apply ORB effects. Now, this information does not need to be kept in mind. This is just a plus because it’s not easier. It’s just easier to play.

Often people talk about ORB effects: “those were cool mechanics, yeah!”. Well, for starters, they were transferred from Warcraft 3, where due to the peculiarities of the code were certain problems in the joint work of many items. But it’s worth remembering that all you need to remember there are a few artifacts that didn’t stack with each other or stack crookedly. Insiders say there will be more innovations in the future.

Now let’s see what you need to remember now, relative to what was then.

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About Talent

Talents. Talents allowed to make the gameplay as diverse and dynamic as possible. Individual skills are capable of completely changing the hero, coming up with new ways of fighting. You don’t have to know about every character’s talent. But it is worth knowing at least partially about the available abilities. Each in-game hero has eight skills. 

About Aghanim’s Scepter and Aghanim’s Shard

  • Aghanim’s Scepter and Aghanim’s Shard. Previously only a select few had Aghanim. Need to remember what aghanim gives and how it changes the gameplay.
  • Aghanim Shards. It can completely change a character’s game. It’s important to learn them all by heart too. Like Aganim, every character also has one.

About Why Dota 2 is a Difficult Game

You still have to remember what each item does, not only the newest heroes and items. In recent years, Dota has added 20 heroes and 50 items. And all of this has to be remembered. It’s all about understanding who to collect and when to collect what counters what and how it works. 

New heroes get different mechanics that you have to get used to all over again. There are a huge number of mechanics in the game that allow you to build new game strategies. 

In addition, the game is filled with various items that also play an important role in gameplay. Dota 2 has evolved from a random movement on the map into a complex game where you need to think ahead about tactics and strategy. At a high level, without this, it is impossible to win matches. 

Against this background, it is necessary to keep a huge amount of information in mind. It would help if you learned to predict the actions of other players. The longer you play Dota 2, the more you realize how little you know about the game and its possibilities. 

Is it True That Dota 2 is More Difficult Than Chess?

It’s true. Real dota 2 analytics requires a lot of experience. The total and maximum amount of calculations in Dota2 is much more than in chess, which in contrast, Dota is representative of a simpler genre of turn-based strategies. That is, in Dota2, to think not only more but faster. And another plus, in Dota2, in contrast to the chess game, is making a lot of frequent, rapid, and accurate action. That is, in comparison to chess, Dota2 has elements of micro-control.

Modern chess is, of course, trying to survive and even moved to a fast format, tangibly improving the game’s dynamics. This has temporarily increased the popularity of chess among the masses of ordinary people. Still, it has killed the prospect of chess in the future because now chess players have almost no time to think of super-complicated combinations. The current difference in prize money between Dota2 and chess is quite logical and reasonable. Chess is simply obsolete.

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