Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S: Which One is Best For You

Microsoft has confirmed it will be launching two consoles for the next generation of consoles: the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

So now that we know what’s coming this November, gamers are wondering where to spend their cash.

Are the strong specs under the cover of the Xbox Series X worth the additional $200? Or could you get by just fine with the more small Xbox Series S?

So we’ve put together a helpful guide based on confirmed details and some rumored specifications to help you decide which consoles could be best for you.

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Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S


The Xbox Series X will run on a custom Zen 2 eight-core processor running at 3.8GHz per core, series s also run on the same custom Zen 2 eight-core processor but a little bit less 3.6GHz core speed.


Both are using the same GPU chip but both consoles have a bit different like The Xbox Series X will run 12 teraflops (52CUs) of RDNA 2 graphics and on the other hand Series S is have just about 4 teraflops of graphical power.

Ram and Storage

The Series X will have 16GB of DDR6 RAM to play many 4k games, and series s will have 10 GB of DDR6 ram.

In terms of storage, both will offer an SSD for faster load times. The X will come with a 1TB internal SSD and series s have 512 GB of SSD storage.


Price is the most important thing about every generation of consoles and fortunately, this Xbox console gen has 2 great price options to choose.

The Xbox Series X will cost £449 / $499 for that extra power and punch. While the Xbox Series S will be $299 / £249 at launch.

Witch one You should choose

If you want a small affordable console that can run the game on 1440p at 120fps then series s is waiting for you, or you want the most powerful game console on the earth that can run games on 4k at 60fps then nothing can be better than Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S

xbox series x vs xbox series s
xbox series x vs xbox series s

Up to 4K @ 60 FPS

Up to 1440p @ 120 FPS


499 USD


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