10 Anime Where MC Is Artist

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best anime where the main character is an artist. From stories about painters and musicians to those involving manga authors and animators, these are the shows that have captured our imaginations with their creative tales.

So if you’re looking for something to inspire your own artistic endeavors, or just want to see some characters express themselves through their art, then be sure to check out these great anime!

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10. Barakamon

Anime Where MC Is Artist

Barakamon is a piece of artwork. However, it is more than simply calligraphy since words cannot fully explain the nature and discovery of Barakamon. For example, the show is set on an island and revolves around a young guy named Seishuu Handa.

Coming from a more urban environment, his life is dramatically changed as he finds his new existence on the natural island of Goto. This, of course, does not occur after he delivers a sucker punch to an elder curator.

When someone throws a fit like that, it’s obvious to predict that results will follow. But can we truly call a trip to Goto Island a result? Perhaps this is the start of a new chapter in Seishuu Handa’s life. Barakmon discovers that new life in this delightful and amusing series that is sure to satisfy via exploration.

Barakamon should also be praised for its willingness to present a story with people of all ages. There are the children, a few teens from the nearby high school, the adult protagonist and his city friends, and the middle-aged and old locals. It does not cater only to 15-year-olds, which makes Barakamon all the more unique.

9. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Anime Where MC Is Artist

Sakura Dormitory is a high school dorm connected with Suimei University of the Arts (commonly abbreviated to Suiko), which houses the oddest and most troublesome students. Sorata Kanda moves into Sakura Dormitory after being kicked out of the regular dorm for keeping a stray cat.

Mashiro Shiina, a world-famous artist who cannot even take care of her everyday life, moves in as he begins to adjust to dorm life. Sorata is forced to become Mashiro’s caretaker. The narrative focuses about their daily life as well as their mental development.

8. Blue Period

Anime Where MC Is Artist

“Blue Period” delves at what it means to be yourself. Our protagonist’s journey of self-discovery and self-expression makes for one of the season’s most intriguing character dramas. Mangaka Yamaguchi’s personal touches provide a rich landscape of both the difficulties that artists encounter today and their strong passion for their craft.

Yatora has several challenges, including talented peers, a lack of understanding of the fine arts, and difficulties to get his parents’ approval. Yatora must demonstrate that his lack of experience does not limit him in order to guarantee one of the five prestigious slots in his preferred school.

7. Iroduku: The World in Colors


Despite the kaleidoscopic magic ingrained in everyday life, Hitomi Tsukishiro’s monochrome world is deprived of emotion and feeling. On a night as black and white as any other, amidst the fireworks spreading across the sky, Hitomi’s grandmother Kohaku conjures a spell, for which she has been harnessing the moon’s light for 60 years, to send Hitomi back in time to the year 2018 when Kohaku was in high school.

Hitomi’s mission seems unclear, but her grandmother assures her that she will know when she gets there. Following a trip through time aboard a train driven by a strange yellow creature, Hitomi finds herself in stoic artist Yuito Aoi’s room, and his drawings flood her world with color. What is Hitomi’s purpose there, and why do Yuito’s drawings return such breathtaking color to her drab world?

6. Gallery Fake

Anime Where MC Is Artist

Gallery Fake is the pinnacle of the seinen genre. It’s intelligent, realistic, and rational… with a few lighthearted moments thrown in for good measure. Each episode has a “mystery of the week,” but what separates it and draws me in is an extremely accurate look at the internal workings of the art industry.

I have a strong interest in art history, and this series focuses several episodes to one famous master. It also delves into other aspects of art, such as antique watches, photojournalism, and Pre-Columbian society and artefacts.

Possibly the most creative anime I’ve ever seen. You will never see another anime like it again. Yes, there may be others that are suggested as being comparable, but I strongly doubt it.

5. Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart.


This is not an art anime, but rather a romance anime. Our love has always been 10 centimetres apart is a good example of a typical high school romance with no unusual characteristics or tropes that you usually see in these types of anime, and it still managed to keep me engaged with the characters and their stories.

I’ll admit that tsundere irritate me at times, but I suppose I have to ignore them in order to appreciate this anime; I believe there is a better way to portray this character type.

The art style and soundtrack are outstanding, perfectly matching with the situations and enhancing their impact.

4. Honey and Clover


Yuuta Takemoto, a sophomore at an arts college, lives in a cheap apartment with two seniors: the quirky Shinobu Morita, who continually failing to graduate owing to his absences, and the reasonable Takumi Mayama, who serves as Takemoto’s proper senior, frequently watching out for him.

Takemoto had given little attention to his future until one lovely spring day, when he meets the charming Hagumi Hanamoto and falls in love at first sight. Hagumi, who is very skilled in the arts, enlists at Takemoto’s university and quickly befriends popular pottery student Ayumi Yamada. Ayumi is already familiar with the three flatmates and has strong feelings for one of them.

Hachimitsu to Clover is a charming story of youth, love, soul-searching, and self-discovery that is carefully weaved through the complicated relationships of five close friends.

3. Sekiei Ayakashi Mangatan


The story is about a reclusive artist who only paints demons he encounters and he encounters them by helping people with their demon problems. In this OVA series he helps a women who has bought secondhand clothes possessed by a demon which is a bit of a kleptomaniac and the women can’t take off the clothes and gets blamed for the thefts.

2. Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju


Yotarou, although rising to the highest level of shun’ichi, struggles to discover his own identity in the world of rakugo. Caught between his master’s instructions and the late Sukeroku’s own style, his performance lacks one essential component: ego. And, while his fame filled the theatres, he is only one of a handful; rakugo is on the verge of being surpassed.

Meanwhile, Yakumo, widely considered as the final stronghold of rakugo’s popularity, struggles to deal with his advanced age. Despite his outstanding results, he is concerned that he is approaching his limits. As an old buddy approaches, his concerns grow greater. Konatsu, on the other hand, tries to raise her kid as a single mother, something Yotarou strongly opposes. Instead, he tries to convince her to marry him and raise her son as his own.

1. Canvas 2: Rainbow Colored Sketch


Hiroki Kamikura is a local art student at Nadesico Academy (High School and College level) who aspires to be an art teacher in the future. He also serves as the advisor for Housen Elis, his cousin, who is a member of the high school arts society.

While Elis is a painter, Hiroki appears to have abandoned his goals and no longer paints. There appears to have been some sort of strange event in each of their pasts that has changed them. Meanwhile, Kikyo Kiri, a new PE instructor, is hired at the high school. She runs into Hiroki on the first day and is taken aback. Here’s the boy she confessed to, who turned her down…

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