Top 16 Anime Where MC is Betrayed and gets Revenge

Are you sick of anime protagonists that are always pure and selfless to their friends? If so, this is the post for you! In this list, we offer 16 great anime in which the main character is betrayed by his closest allies and receives a tasty revenge. Follow us as we take you on an epic adventure through these magnificent anime titles, with intense combat, complicated plotlines, surprising twist endings, and powerful characters!

16 Anime Where MC is Betrayed and Gets Revenge: In these anime, the main character is betrayed by someone they trusted and seeks revenge as a result. Whether it’s because of a loved one, a friend, or just because they were used, these characters are out for blood.

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Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Gun Grave is set in the fictional town of Santana and follows the story of Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel, two longtime friends who become bitter enemies when Millennion, a strong mafia group, gets involved. Brandon seeks revenge on everyone who betrayed him after being betrayed by his buddy and brought under Big Daddy’s wing. As he battles to achieve the pinnacles of power at Millennion and exact revenge on those who have wronged him and those he loves about, our protagonist encounters various allies along the road who aid him in his mission.

Kangoku Jikken

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genre: Horror

In “Prison Lab,” the main character Aito Eyama is betrayed by his classmates and seeks revenge through the “Captivity Game,” where he becomes the captor and chooses his bully, Aya Kirishima, as his victim. Kirishima tries to escape, but her actions threaten to bring out a darkness within Eyama. The anime explores themes of betrayal and revenge as Eyama seeks retribution for the wrongs done to him.

Redo Of Healer

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Keyaru is a Hero in Redo of Healer who has remarkable healing powers. He was treated to years of torture, r#pe, and other forms of abuse, but his talents allowed him to secretly acquire memories and powers from people he healed, allowing him to become stronger over time.

He could finally cast the powerful healing magic that rewound the entire world back to before his suffering began after he had regained enough strength. With this new chance, Keyaru will utilize all of his newfound power—and decades of anguish—to take revenge on all those who have harmed him throughout history. Will Keyaru be able to exact vengeance? Find out by watching Redo of Healer!


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Military, Supernatural, Drama, Vampire, Shounen

Yichir and Mikaela are orphans living in an orphanage with other children. They plot their escape after discovering that the people who “protect” them are vampires who feed on their blood. Mikaela sacrifices himself so that Yichir can escape, and he is saved by Moon Demon Company members. He then vows revenge on the vampires who murdered his friend.

Code Geass

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

The conflict between Lelouch and his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, is central to Code Geass. After being betrayed by his own family and sent into exile in Japan, Lelouch sets out on a mission to destroy the Britannia Empire and get revenge on those who have betrayed him. With the help of C.C., he gets the strange power known as “Geass,” which allows him to control anybody with direct eye contact.

This newfound power gives Lelouch limitless potential, allowing him to command The Black Knights resistance faction in their war against Britannia while dealing with inner agony over previous betrayals. Along with this complicated war for world dominance comes an equally compelling story packed of secrets, false alliances, and surprise plot twists that make Code Geass tough to ignore.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Naofumi Iwatani is a young Japanese guy who was summoned into a parallel world along with three other young men to become the world’s Cardinal Heroes and battle inter-dimensional armies of monsters known as Waves.

Each hero received unique equipment. The Legendary Shield was the only defensive item given to Naofumi, while the other heroes received a sword, a spear, and a bow as offensive weapons.

After falsely accusing him of assaulting her, Naofumi’s partner betrayed him, stole all of his belongings, and abandoned him with no assistance or supplies.


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

Tatsumi is a fighter who travels to the Capital with two childhood friends in quest of a way to make money to help his poor village. Tatsumi is separated from his friends in a bandit attack and is swindled out of his money in the Capital after failing to enlist in the army.

He is taken in by a royal family, but when an assassin group known as Night Raid attacks, he discovers that his noble hosts intended to torture and murder him, just as they had done to his friends.


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Mystery, Comedy, Historical, Demons, Supernatural, Shounen

Ciel Phantomhive is a thirteen-year-old earl who takes over the Phantomhive household after the events of December 14, 1885. On that night, his parents and family dog are killed in a fire at their manor, and Ciel is kidnapped and sold into slavery by the attackers.

Ciel suffers unending physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his captors until he manages to escape and exact his revenge.


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Military, Mystery, Super Power, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

The plot centers around a little boy named Eren Yeager, who lives in Shiganshina, which is located on the outermost of three circular walls that protect humanity from Titans.

The wall is breached in 845 by two new kinds of Titans, the Colossus Titan, and the Armored Titan. Eren’s mother is eaten by a Titan during the incident, but Eren survives. He swears vengeance on all Titans and joins the military with his childhood pals Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert.


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Supernatural

Ganta Igarashi is a typical Nagano Prefecture middle school student. He is an earthquake escapee and survivor, but he has no memories of the disaster. When a strange figure dressed in blood and crimson armor floats through his classroom windows and slaughters his entire class, Ganta’s life changes.

Instead of killing Ganta, the “Red Man” implants a red crystal shard in his chest. Ganta is tried as a suspect and sentenced to death at Deadman Wonderland, a prison that also doubles as a theme park, just days after the massacre. Warden Tsunenaga Tamaki is secretly behind the fabricated evidence against Ganta, but Ganta eventually exacts his revenge.


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Adventure, Harem, Fantasy

Hajime Nagumo is a high school student who is bullied because he is in a relationship with Kaori, the class idol. When Hajime and his classmates are transported to a fantasy world, they all gain powerful magical abilities, with the exception of Hajime, who gains only the basic alchemical magic to transmute solid materials.

He is betrayed by one of his classmates during a dungeon raid and is dropped to the bottom of the dungeon. He survives and builds weapons to help him escape. He meets Yue (a vampire), Shea (a bunny-eared girl), Tio (a dragon), and others along the way.

Yona of the Dawn

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

After her father is murdered and her cousin Su-won betrays her, Yona is forced to flee her kingdom. She quickly discovers that the idyllic kingdom she thought she was visiting is anything but, with poverty, corruption, and strife rife. Despite all this, she remains determined to reclaim her throne and make things right for her people.

91 Days

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Drama, Historical

Angelo Laguna returns to Lawless, Illinois, seven years after his family is murdered in a mafia feud, to exact his revenge. He befriends Nero Vanetti, the son of the man he believes is responsible for the murders, and begins to infiltrate the Vanetti family. However, as he gets closer to Nero and the truth about his family’s murder, he realizes that vengeance may have dire consequences.

Kaze no Stigma

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Supernatural, Magic, Romance

In “Kaze no Stigma,” Kazuma Kannagi is betrayed by his own family and seeks revenge against his cousin Ayano Kannagi. However, the anime also suffers from annoying characters that detract from the overall plot. Despite these issues, the theme of betrayal and revenge remains prominent as Kazuma strives to reclaim his place in his family and seek retribution for his expulsion.


Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Adventure, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Military, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

Guts was a wandering mercenary who was taken in by the Hawk’s Band. He fought alongside them until Griffith, their leader, sacrificed them to become a God Hand. Only Guts and his lover Casca managed to escape, but they were marked with marks that attract evil spirits.

Guts sets out to find and kill Griffith in retribution for the God Hand’s Apostles.

Vinland Saga

Anime where MC is betrayed and gets revenge

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Seinen

In “Vinland Saga,” Thorfinn is betrayed by his own village and the Viking mercenaries who attack and destroy it. Seeking revenge for the murder of his father, Thorfinn joins the Vikings and sets out on a journey to defeat Askeladd, the man responsible for his father’s death. Along the way, he faces numerous enemies and overcomes obstacles as he strives to achieve his ultimate goal of avenging his father’s death. This anime explores themes of betrayal, revenge, and the dangers of allowing a desire for revenge to consume one’s actions.

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