Best Free Steam Games Under 500MB Download Size

Looking for some best free Steam games that won’t take up too much download size or space on your hard drive? Look no further! Here are ten of the best free Steam games under 500MB. From first-person shooters to puzzle games, there’s something here for everyone. So fire up Steam and start downloading!

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Free Steam Games Under 500MB

1. Track & Burn

Steam Games Under 500MB

Track & Burn is a free, colorful racing game that mixes classic racing with a mechanism for creating different tracks. With the support of the users, you can drive on the premade maps or make your own tracks, so you’ll never run out of engaging maps. The fact that this game just needs 200MB of data storage is the nicest part.

2. Crab Game

Steam Games Under 500MB

Crab Game is a free-to-play several game in which you compete for the highest cash prize in various minigames based on children’s games. With so many simple and enjoyable games to select between, this game is simple to understand and play. And, with only 200MB of storage required, it won’t take up much space on your pc.

3. Heal & Hurt

Steam Games Under 500MB

Heal & Hurt is a free-to-play shooting game in which you swap sides from angel to skeleton and vice versa each time you die! With 6 different weapons to use, this game will keep you engaged for hours. And, at only 500MB, it’s one of the smallest games on our list.

4. Stumble Guys

Steam Games Under 500MB

Stumble Guys, like Fall Guys, is a free-to-play obstacle course game in which players compete in physical challenges to be the last one remaining. This funny game can be played with up to 32 people and only takes 512MB of storage space.

5. Muck

Steam Games Under 500MB

Muck, created by the same creator as the crab game, is a free-to-play survival-roguelike game in which you must gather resources, locate equipment, and construct a base in order to stay alive as long as possible. This tough game will have you coming back for more with Craft. It won’t take up much space on your pc however, at only 100MB.

6. One-armed cook

Steam Games Under 500MB

One-armed cook is a free cooking game in which you have to make food for people while also running your own squad or your own hotel. This difficult and enjoyable game demands 300 MB of storage space but is well worth it for the hours of enjoyment it delivers.

7. Farm Defense

Steam Games Under 500MB

Farm Defense is a free tower defense game that requires you to secure your farm against waves of attackers. This game will keep you engaged with a range of things and upgrades to choose from. It’s also one of the larger games on this list, weighing in at just 500MB.

8. Crustacean Nations

Steam Games Under 500MB

Crustacean Nations is a free strategy simulation game in which you control and strategize crab war while fighting against other crab opponents. With a number of gaming modes, this game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for a long. It will also not take up much space on your PC, as it is only 500MB in size.

9. Rage of Car Force: Car Crashing Games

Steam Games Under 500MB

Rage of Car Force: Car Crashing Games is a free-to-play car crash game in which you have to cause the most damage possible. This game will keep you entertained for hours because of its easy controls and destructible surroundings. It’s also one of the smallest game download Sizes on this list, weighing in at only 300MB.

10. Relic Hunters Zero: Remix

Steam Games Under 500MB

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix is a free top-down shooter in which you use an adorable gun to journey through the space vacuum and turtle. This game is likely to satisfy shooter lovers with its gorgeous pixel art visuals and fast-paced action. It’s also one of the lowest download-size games on this list, coming in at only 200MB.

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