6 Best Manga about music prodigy

In this article, we will be discussing six different manga that feature music prodigies. These stories are all about incredibly talented musicians who have a gift for making beautiful music. Whether they are classically trained or self-taught, these characters are sure to inspire you with their passion and skill.



Manga about music prodigy

Lucky Sonoda is a highly talented but mediocre pianist who has been ostracized by his brilliant siblings. When he takes the Shibuya Music High School entrance exam, his unique playing style attracts the attention of Hideo Dada, his father’s former teacher.

Lucky is mentored by Dada alongside an unwilling Ako Furusu—the class representative strong desire for revenge against Gakuon for snubbing her pianist mother.

5. Alice the 101st

Manga about music prodigy

Alice the 101st is a manga about a musical prodigy who attends a prestigious music school. Aristide has raw talent and is determined to improve despite being the 101st student admitted into a class of only 100. The manga follows his journey as he searches for the sound of his father.

4. Given

Manga about music prodigy

Mafuyu Satou is a music newcomer who struggles to express his true feelings. But everything changes when he meets classmate Ritsuka Uenoyama.

Uenoyama is the guitarist for a new band, and when he hears Mafuyu’s voice, he knows the talented young man belongs with them. Mafuyu finally begins to open up and express the emotions that have been bottled up inside him for so long, thanks to Uenoyama’s guidance.

The band quickly becomes popular, but as they gain popularity, the members begin to clash with one another. Can they put aside their differences and keep creating beautiful music together?

3. Alice & Taiyo

Manga about music prodigy

Alice & Taiyo is a heartwarming manga about music, prodigies, and finding your place in the world. Alice is an outgoing singer with a promising future, and Taiyou is a shy but talented composer who has only ever made songs online. When they meet, their lives are turned upside down as they discover they have a special connection through music. Will they be able to make beautiful music together?

2. Dragon Voice

Manga about music prodigy

Rin Amami is a gifted dancer who has been forced to abandon his dream of becoming a singer owing to his deep, frog-like voice.

However, a fortunate encounter with the idol singing group Beatmen provides him with the opportunity to fulfill an old dream. Some refer to his voice as the famed “Dragon Voice.” Rin’s fate becomes linked with the Beatmen as they seek to take their smalltime idol agency RedShoes to the top!

1. Ao no Orchestra

Manga about music prodigy

Ao no Orchestra is a joyous story about two unlikely friends who find common ground through their shared love of music. Aono, a talented but aimless violinist, meets Akine, an enthusiastic but inexperienced player, and the two form a bond as Aono begins to teach her how to play.

As they spend more time together, they help each other heal from their past wounds and rediscover the passion for music that they both thought they had lost.

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