20 Amazing Minecraft Fountain Ideas

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some excellent Minecraft fountain ideas! We’ll show you 20 of the most stunning and unique fountains we could find in this post. There’s something here for everyone, from simple to complicated designs. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, don’t miss out on these amazing ideas!


1. Lava Fountain

Our first fountain is one of the most gorgeous Minecraft fountains on our list. Spudetti’s YouTube channel features this lava fountain composed of stone and lava. Watch this video if you want to build this Minecraft marvel.

2. Garden Fountain

If you build a new garden in your village or city, this magnificent garden fountain will give it a new look. This fountain was created by the Minecraft Fantasy Builds YouTube channel, so give an amazing view of your garden with this fountain.

3. Village Fountain

This Fountain has a modern appearance with blue and white colors, and it was created by one team YouTube channel. Then have a look at this simple and one-of-a-kind fountain that will look great in your town or village.

4. Dragon Statue Fountain

If you want to make any huge structure in Minecraft, then try to build this dragon statue, Fontaine, and make your town or village more magnificent.

5. Japanese-style Fountain

If you like Japanese-style buildings, you will love this Japanese-style fountain as well. And if you’re creating a Japanese-style village or town in Minecraft, this fountain adds a stunning touch to your construction. This fountain was built by Minecraft Sekai, so check out his video for instructions.

6. Automatic Frog Fountain

7. City Fountain

8. Heart Lava Fountain

9. Fountain

10. Modern Fountain

11. Town Fountain

12. Wall Fountain

13. Medieval Fountain

14. Stone Fountain

15. Town Fountain Design

16. Temple Fountain

17.  Unique Fountain Designs

18. Simple Fountain Designs

19. 6 Fountain Build Ideas

20. Simple Fountain Designs

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