14 Best Urban Fantasy Anime Series

Urban fantasy is quite an underrated genre and if you don’t know what is Urban Fantasy Anime then don’t worry I can simply explain you, Urban fantasy is a genre of fiction, a subgenre of fantasy in which the story uses supernatural or fantasy elements in a modern society like city country (or equivalent) urban society.

And today, I am gonna list some of the best urban fantasy anime, and some of these series can be quite addictive.

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Urban Fantasy Anime

1. Noragami

Urban Fantasy Anime
Herald Journalism

In times of need, if you look in the correct place, you just may see an unusual telephone number written in red. If you call this number, you will hear a young man present himself as the Yato God.

Yato is a minor deity and a self-proclaimed “Delivery God,” who dreams of having millions of worshippers. Without a single shrine given to his name, however, his goals are far from being completed. He spends his days doing various jobs for five yen each until his weapon partner becomes fed up with her useless master and leaves him.

2. Death Note

Viz Media

I think everybody knows Death Note and its probably the most popular Urban Fantasy Anime in this list.

High school student and genius Light Yagami stumble upon the Death Note and—since he dislikes the state of the world—tests the deadly notebook by writing a criminal’s name in it.

When the criminal dies immediately following his experiment with the Death Note, Light is greatly surprised and immediately recognizes how devastating the power that has fallen into his hands could be.

3. Durarara

urban fantasy anime

In Tokyo’s downtown district of Ikebukuro, amidst numerous odd rumors and warnings of anonymous gangs and dangerous inhabitants, one urban legend stands out above the rest—the existence of a headless “Black Rider” who is said to be seen driving a jet-black motorcycle through the city roads.

Mikado Ryuugamine has always desired for the excitement of the city life, and an invitation from a childhood friend persuades him to move to Tokyo. Observing the Black Rider on his first day in the city, his wishes already seem to have been granted.

4. The Devil is A Part-Timer

urban fantasy anime

In my previous best anime list, i mentioned The Devil is A Part-Timer and doubt its a great anime and should watch this.

the Demon Lord Satan starts to capture the land of Ente Isla with his vast demon soldiers. However, while starting on this brutal quest to take over the continent, his efforts are foiled by the hero Emilia, forcing Satan to make his sudden escape into a dimensional portal only to land in the human world. 

Along with his loyal general Alsiel, the demon finds himself stranded in modern-day Tokyo and promises to return and complete his subjugation of Ente Isla that is if they can find a way back! Powerless in a world without magic, Satan believes in the form of a human named Sadao Maou and begins working at MgRonald’s a local fast-food restaurant to make ends meet.

5. Tokyo Ravens

Best Urban Fantasy Anime

Tokyo Ravens are anime where the modern world meets fantasy elements like magic.

Onmyoudou magic was once a powerful method used by the Japanese during the Second World War in order for them to gain the upper hand and build their nation as a difficult force.

But Japan was quickly defeated after the revered onmyouji Yakou Tsuchimikado made the “Great Spiritual Disaster,” an event that plagues Tokyo to this very day.

As a result of this mishap, the Onmyou Agency was established in order to exorcise more spiritual disasters and combat the demons that would make their way into the world.

6. Bungou Stray Dogs

Best Urban Fantasy Anime

Bungou Stray Dogs is an anime for people who like Urban Fantasy Anime scenario with mystery and a twist of comedy.

For weeks, Atsushi Nakajima’s orphanage has been plagued by a mystical tiger that only he seems to be aware of. Suspected to be behind the strange incidents, the 18-year-old is abruptly kicked out of the orphanage and left hungry, homeless, and wandering through the city.

While starving on a riverbank, Atsushi saves a rather eccentric man named Osamu Dazai from drowning. Whimsical suicide enthusiast and supernatural detective, Dazai has been investigating the same tiger that has been terrorizing the boy.

7. Kaze no Stigma

Best Urban Fantasy Anime
Media In Review

Years after having been exiled from the Kannagi household for being incapable to use their fire magic, Kazuma returns to Japan, only to discover that the Kannagi family’s very survival is endangered.

Returning after such a harsh exile already gives rise to many fights, but to make matters more damaging, several Kannagi family members have recently been killed with Fuujutsu. This leads the Kannagi family, including the hot-headed Ayano, to suspect Kazuma as the culprit.

8. Darker than Black

Best Urban Fantasy Anime
Madman Entertainment

In Tokyo, an impenetrable area is known as “Hell’s Gate” emerged ten years ago. At the same time, psychics who use paranormal powers at the cost of their morals also emerged. 

Hei is one of the most powerful of these mystic agents, and along with his blind associate, Yin, works for one of the many rival agencies vying to unlock the mysteries of Hell’s Gate.

9. A Certain Magical Index

Best Urban Fantasy Anime
TrickyLOKI89 Studios

Academy City, Japan, is at the lead of science. Besides being 30 years leading the world technologically, more than three-fourths of this peculiar city’s population consists of students forming their psychic powers as espers in various institutions.

Between these students is Touma Kamijou, a high school boy with the lowest psychic rank of zero, but with a mysterious power, no scientist can understand: “Imagine Breaker,” which allows him to neutralize other supernatural powers.

10. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Best Urban Fantasy Anime
Anime Trending

Supersonic monkeys, vampires, talking fishmen, and all sorts of diverse supernatural monsters living alongside humans he has been part of daily life in Hellsalem’s Lot, formerly known as New York City, for some time now.

When a gateway between Earth and the Beyond opened three years ago, New Yorkers and beings from the other dimension alike were trapped in an impermeable bubble and were made to live together.

Libra is a mysterious group composed of eccentrics and superhumans, tasked with keeping order in the city and making sure that chaos doesn’t grow to the rest of the world.

11. takt op.Destiny

urban fantasy anime

Takt Op is set in 2047, in a future world where music cannot be freely played because it attracts monsters known as “D2s.” These monsters were created by a black meteorite that fell from the sky years ago and included Black Night Siderites.

They despise human-created music and are drawn to its source, attempting to destroy it because it is the only thing that can harm or kill them. The Symphonica International Organization and the Musicarts join their forces to defend cities from D2s.

Fate Series

urban fantasy anime

Fate is another urban fantasy anime in which the story is set in a modern world where participants compete in a cutthroat game of survival, each equipped with an ancient familiar and fueled by unique desires and ideals.

Midnight occult civil servants

urban fantasy anime

Miyako Arata believes he has gotten a normal public servant job when he joins the Shinjuku Ward Office. But it turns out he’s a member of the Night Community Exchange Department, which has a branch in each of Tokyo’s twenty-three ward offices.

Their role is to solve occult problems involving non-human beings. They work night after night, accompanied by his senpai and department head Sakaki Kyoichi and the occult obsessive Himetsuka Seo, facing up against beings whose existence violates the laws of our universe.


urban fantasy anime

Many stories have been made by people. Joy, despair, rage, and intense emotion Stories generate strong emotions and hold the audience’s attention. Those emotions, however, are nothing more than the feelings of a spectator.

What if the stories’ characters had free will? Are we, the writers, considered gods in their eyes? Our world needs a revolution. Punishment for the gods’ homeland. Re:CREATORS. Everyone is transformed into a Creator.

So that’s it for this list of the 11 Best Urban Fantasy Anime if you have any other anime that could be in this list then comment down below.

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